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This topic is for discussion of the November update.


Ok, you prankster you, you got me with that one.


:slight_smile: I have to post the discussion topic before the actual update. That lets me get the link as a placeholder so that I can link to it in the update. Lots of people subscribe to the update as an email, so when it goes out, it has to have the discussion link in place already.


Shipping ahead of schedule, blah blah blah… You really buried the headline.
Full .5" materials appear to be usable (and settable in the the GFUI)!


Just kidding. Great job being ahead of schedule!



“Latest Improvements in the sidebar”

'preciate that. Occasionally, I worry I’m missing stuff. I’m also enjoying the improvements just showing up without any effort on my part. Those two things paired should go well together.


For some reason, I thought the movie you were thinking of was Coma. :crazy_face:


Yeah. Okay. The racks of forges waiting to go out is…ummmm…(oh dadgummit I can’t say that here.)

Nice. Very nice. :smile:


Thanks for adding a “Latest Improvements” page. And I’ll continue to check my Account page with the HOPE that my ship date eventually does move to sooner. It’s gone from Feb 16 to Feb 22. Thanks for continuing to push on all fronts!

So when my account gives an estimated date for shipping, is the “up to six weeks before you receive it” time mostly due to international shipping times, or is the packaging and getting it out the door process close to a month?

It’s “up to six weeks” even for domestic orders. (Mine took 22 days.)

Packaging and getting it out the door seems to run about 3 weeks from individual reports here. But the up to six weeks has happened in at least one case where it took five weeks to leave the factory.

International is likely to take unpredictably longer due to additional transport time and delays due to things like customs.

They also manufacture and test it after you get the email. That is what takes the bulk of the time.

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It’s good news for me…meaning international orders will be sooner than expected and with improved packaging for international shipping as I wouldn’t like the thought of having to send the unit back for replacement. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the upbeat message @dan. It’s great to hear about the GlowForges getting out the door but also about your success. We are all anxious to get our forces but we are also invested in your company’s success so you can continue to grow the GF product line, capabilities, and for support. It must also feel great to get that hard earned cash. These days as I wait for my actual UPS shipping notification, that I manage to slip, “My GlowForge will be here soon”, into every conversation. :wink:. Again it’s so great to have such positive news.


Great news! Congrats to the Glowforge team for all their hard work! Excited to try out some of the new settings. . .

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Hi there:

Congrats on the schedule victories, it’s very exciting to see! I did have a clarification RE: shipping on crowd funded pro units. I had originally agreed to wait on my unit until the air filter was ready to ship, but that was before there were manufacturing delays in the air filters. Looking at my profile page, I have two dates for shipping…Dec 6 for my pro unit and May 20 for my air filter. I assume the old preference to “wait until the air filter” has been disregarded since the air filter manufacturing delays? If that’s not the case, given the delays, I’d rather use the unit in the interim with a window vent :wink:

If my ship date is December 6, when should I keep an eye open for the various e-mails RE: materials and verifying my address? I’ve been hearing the emails hit about 3-weeks before shipping, but haven’t seen anything since the Oct 12 e-mail.

Again, thanks for continuing to push for us, I cannot wait to get my unit!


Excellent news! The wait has been long (too long when the product is this exciting) but I recently got mine and the build quality, look and feel and performance has been spot on. I think that as more and more units get out there it will be clear that the ol 'Forge is a winner.


Ahead of schedule? Consider the phrasing, you are terminally late for all those who got a refund and when I checked my date it actually moved back again since your last update.

The delivery date was December 2015, you are currently scheduled to be 29 months late for me.


I believe the first date listed is your shipping notification date, that is, on Dec 6 you should get an email asking for your shipping address. Once you supply it, it can be up to 6 weeks before you receive the unit (although currently it is averaging about 3 weeks).

If you have a specific question regarding your earlier decision to wait and how it affects your shipping date, you should either email support@glowforge.com or post a new question in the Problems and Support category, which is the official location for questions to be answered by Support (they won’t see it here).

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