Does the GlowForge filter have to sit directly beneath the GlowForge?

I am wondering if the Glowforge filter can be located near the Glowforge and not directly underneath. On my workbench, this would position the Glowforge a little higher than I would like. It would be nice if I could position the filter under the workbench instead of on top of the workbench.


My understanding is that it must sit under the Glowforge because it will get power and other control information through a connector on the bottom but I could be wrong.


I’m sure someone will come up with a mod to allow for the filter being a bit further away (too far and there will likely be too much suction drop). Initially I suspect we need the GF to be stacked directly on top of the filter though. Love the idea of putting the filter under the workbench…


The filter has it’s own plug for power, but there is some sort of electrical connection do they can talk to each other, likely in the form of a proprietary connector on the bottom of the Glowforge.

I’m sure if someone with electronics experience really wanted to they could work out a way to run some wires between them.


The provided adapter will be built with the assumption that you have the filter directly beneath the case.

Air flow into the laser chamber is through the filter first, which should not be a problem with any attempt to modify the filter for placing it somewhere else. The Forge normally has airflow without going through a filter case in any way, and the filter should still be able to run air through that area without having the glowforge on top of it (in case this was for cooling or something).

The Glowforge likely serves as the top cover for the filter. So if you try to modify to place it somewhere else, you will need to make a new lid for the filter.

More hose means less airflow. So you may need a booster if you move the filter too far away.


As @cleetose & @jacobturner pointed out, there are direct connections for controls and airflow between the two units. I’m going to go out on a limb here, but I would imagine altering either would be a warranty-voiding action.


Suddenly had a crazy idea:

My house’s 2nd floor bedroom has what used to be a washer/dryer closet in it. The dryer conduit there is still good. Only downside is it’s upstairs on the opposite side of the house. Almost the farthest place to walk and definitely the farthest WiFi spot.
Been meaning to put up a high powered outdoor WiFi extender though so that may be part of the process of that’s where it goes. Have to run it past the wife as its her singing/writing room.


I believe you are correct. It would have been nice to be able to not have them stacked since my workbench is a little high and I am not. :relaxed:

Thanks for the feedback.


This is the first that I have heard about the filter, in fact I don’t think I have heard anything about the filter. :confused:

Thank you for the info. :relaxed:


Get a PowerLine extender/bridge and then a normal wireless access point in the other room? Just adding a high power range extender seems easier though…

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The info above is more or less correct - the filter was designed to have the Glowforge on top, and proper operation depends on them being arranged that way.


Well, perhaps you could try to redecorate or rebuild your working area, such as make your standing places a little bit higher, or settle your GF lower if possible. Refer back to the former ideas, you need a power booster to maintain the filter under a good working efficiency. :mask:

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