Domino set

I know there’s another domino set here, and now there are dominoes in the Premium trial (which I discovered after I designed these tonight Haha) but I really like how these turned out.

I made these slightly different by using acrylic, scoring the pips, and then I will paint them tomorrow (after removing the masking inside the scoring). I really like the weight of the acrylic.

I may enlist my son to help me paint them. I don’t think he has learned how to play dominoes yet, so this will be fun.

I did a test very quickly (not worrying about the quality of my painting, haha) and this is how they turned out.



I like the way your paint turned out, gives them a marbled effect.

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Cool! I had thought about doing this once, thanks for sharing!

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Hey thanks!

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Thanks. I agree that the acrylic has a nice domino heft.

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Nice! But everyone can see what dominoes you’ve got! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Are you going to add veneer, or paint the backs?


Don’t you use a domino stand? Like Scrabble? :point_right: :slight_smile:



My idea that I’m excited to try out is to paint the pips, let dry, then lay all of them out flat with pip side up and spray paint (whatever color, probably white but black might look cool too, have to test this all out this weekend lol). Then use a spray sealant over that.

You would see the pips from the opposite side. I think they look really cool that way, so I think this will turn out nice.

I’ll let my son weigh in on which colors we use. It’s hard to engage him with any arts or crafts type of activity, so I’m excited that he’s excited to work on this. :slight_smile: haha

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This would also work :slight_smile: And you could make the stands with the GF too. haha Just not out of transparent acrylic. LOL

Easier still, paint the entire sheet black (or what ever background color you want) then engrave all the pips and cut them out. Now spray paint them what ever color you want for the pips. No fiddling trying to keep the paint right where you need it.


I remove the masking from the pips, then paint. Then I’ll remove all of the remaining masking and spray paint. :slight_smile:


A technique I used for a similar application - found a setting that vaporized the masking but barely marked the surface of the material. Then, no weeding was necessary to apply paint to the engraved areas. A light score around the edges of the engraved areas “sharpens” it up.

Just saves having to weed out all those tiny areas. I used it on a city skyline project.


Yeah I did think about that. I’m trying to minimize the amount of time with the laser for acrylic. I have a tendency to develop sensitizing allergic reactions to things (like I cannot use epoxy at all). So I have been using scoring a lot more than engraving! :slight_smile: I only cut this last night and noticed a slight rash on my arms (which were well covered while glowforging). It could be coincidental, but given my history, I will not take this lightly. lol Knock on wood, I’ve been fine with that (wood) lol.

I have other plans to mitigate possible reactions but overall just shortening the time it’s working will help. I had no issues with shorter projects.

I can totally see how a skyline design would be a nightmare to weed! :smiley: This isn’t too bad, though since it’s only a double six set.


Yeah I wasn’t thinking about masking. I rarely ever use it myself.

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I was just now of thinking black acrylic and then a white spray for a traditional look.


Yeah I would have done that but wanted to make them bright colors so also use them for my daughter as a learning tool. :slight_smile: Like ok pick up the one that has the 5 orange dots or whatever. I haven’t gotten that far yet but it will be good. :slight_smile:

Awesome thank you

Quick update: I think I should have used spray paint for the pips instead of acrylic paint, but I’ll figure it out still. It’s just going to take enough white paint over the pips to cover them up. Spray paint would have worked better, or maybe the acrylic markers.
But they look really cool. I’ll post an update later with pics.

I tried cutting but they didnt cut all the way through.

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That’s not a problem with the file. You might want to start your own discussion if you’re having trouble with settings.

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