Edit Ultrasound for engraving

Hi…I’m sure everyone is in Christmas Frenzy mode.

My dIL wants an engraving of her ultrasound. It’s been awhile since I’ve worked with photos…(last Christmas) but there was not as much black involved.

What do you think would look best for something like this?


can you adjust the white level of the photo? make it a little brighter if possible

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I’m thinking that in a clear acrylic with the black/white reversed would probably look very cool!

Congrats on the upcoming grandchildren :slight_smile:


I’d bump the contrast and invert the image. (Black will become white, white will become black.)


Congrats x 2!!

Thank you!

This is our second set of grandtwins…We have twin nephews as well.
What are the chances that my biological daughter has twins and my adopted son has twins? It has to be the water. lol


That’s a great idea! Thanks!

Reverse the engraving - so you can print on the back of clear acrylic. Then add a layer of black acrylic behind it to make it stand out.


I like that…but is there a “back” of acrylic? A right side and a wrong side?

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It’s the back in that what’s facing out to the audience would still be smooth flat acrylic - the engraving would be taken out of the back. It makes a really cool depth effect

Here’s a good post with examples


Done of clear Acrylic to fit one of these…

Looks like this but with your image


Sorry to be confusing. No there is no front and back. @deirdrebeth explains it better than me! :upside_down_face: . Once you have your artwork ready; i.e invert the colors so that the white is black and the black is white - or rather clear. Then reverse that image and engrave on clear acrylic. Turn over the acrylic so the “back” is now the “front.” i.e the engraving is facing away from you. Then place a black piece of acrylic behind it and the engraving really pops out.

I did this with blue on this nativity.

and with black on this one - which has another spacer as well in between:


You had me worried there…lol.

How would you display that…and what glue do you think would not show through the clear?

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Look for “no fog” super glue - or search the forum for acrylic weld.

For display For display you have a few options. If you attach another layer - either a clear or colored acrylic frame - 3 layers will stand up by themselves. Can even make a wooden frame for the front with date, and other particulars. Alternatively you can make a double base for it that the two layers slot into.

I used that here:

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