Engraving cutting boards from Ikea

Im sure someone has posted this but I cant seem to find a post. I cant find a video or tutorial on how to engrave a cutting board. I tried to engrave the small cutting board and a bigger one and it just burnt thru and sparks went off. What settings do I put it on? or can someone point me into the right direction of what videos I need to watch to get this right.


Ikea boards are usually bamboo, which is a harder wood. Is that what you have, or are you trying to engrave a plastic one?

I have used 300 speed and 22 power with success. I have also used 600 speed with much more power


Moving this to Beyond the Manual so folks can help you with settings (support can’t help with settings outside of PG materials)

Bamboo is fun!

First, make sure it isn’t coated with anything. (Probably not coated, but just in case.) If it looks shiny or reflective, or you can’t gouge the edge with your nail, then stop here.

Assuming it is not coated: As mentioned, bamboo burns really dark really fast. For engraving, I use 225/25/340 (zooms/pews/lpi). I haven’t tried to cut or score.


The list goes on and on. All you have to do was search for “cutting board engraving”, there are so many threads.

Literal direct bullseye:

And so on.


In her defense, she was looking for a video…we don’t do a lot of videos on here for that kind of thing sadly


Glowforge even has video on YouTube:


If they are a bamboo board i made these ones for a youtuber in the uk.

used speed of 1000/power 100/450 lip and 2 passes. When i buy cutting boards i try to get the ones in sets of 3 and use the smallest one to run my tests on till i get a result i like.


… or tutorial. There are a lot of those on engraving items and a lot on cutting boards. I know I can be a stickler for using the existing resources, yes, but this one seems to be one of the more well-documented cases. There’s really not much more that can be said about it.

You need to know:

  • How to engrave things
  • Roughly what settings to use (can of worms, but ok)
  • How to deal with thicker materials

Absolutely massive amounts of that on the forum already.


If I’m using the bamboo cutting boards From ikea what material do I choose in the settings? And do I use “draft photo”?

Have you worked thru the tutorials for your machine?

Have you read the tutorial for working with different materials?

It sounds like you need to go through the introductory information for the Glowforge before you try to work on random materials. Might I suggest the following: https://glowforge.com/support/topic/first-three-prints/working-with-manual-mode (the entire section is definitely full of helpful information)

Then you can look at the settings within each of the types and see how they differ

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You don’t choose any material; the material selections are proofgrade only. If the board thickness is under 1/2", just use set focus to get the thickness. If it is more than 1/2", you will need to engrave without the tray. (Lots of posts on the forum for doing that.)

Whether you choose draft photo or something else really depends on what you are engraving and how clean you want the result to be

Absolutely. And you can use both sides and often top/bottom depending on the design. The little ones have minimal other use (except as potentially sample pieces) that it’s not a big hit on the wallet to sacrifice one. And because they are decently sized even if a little small for cutting things, they are a good representation of the larger ones.

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This is an Ikea Aptitlig Bamboo board I did Ikea Cutting Board. I used custom settings Speed 1000 dpi 450 /power 80/ focus height .5 inches. I think I could have increased the power and the speed a bit, it took over an hour to print. I also used the crumb tray. I’m happy with the overall results…need to work on centering for the next one…


Thankyou so much! this helps a lot!

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