Engraving flasks

Ok, technically I just engraved away the paint, but these came out pretty nicely. I used the iPhone 7 material settings then adjusted the material height. Took 6 minutes at 700/100/270. Using vectors is great because crisp lines show up even at a “lower” dpi.

Here are the flasks in the picture

I had to remove the crumb tray and then prop these up on 2 sheets of scrap 1/8" material to get it to where the laser would be able to hit it well. There are 2 great tutorials in this site about how to measure and do things without the crumb tray.

The engraving left behind a sticky residue, but that was quickly and easily removed with isopropyl alcohol (91%, not the 50%)

The logo is a local company, but looks a lot like The American Red Cross or a Swiss Army flask… which should probably be a thing. #EmergencyBooze :slight_smile:



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Looks excellent! Very crisp engraving.

Actually, that’s probably not a good thing, per the Geneva Conventions: Emblems of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement - Wikipedia.

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Very nice! It does look alot like the ARC, but if they sent these after Maria I would be fine…

My first impression of the logo was a phillips-head screw (head?).


With the bite taken out, I guess the Apple Red Cross?


Heh. I never thought of that but that IS what he does… http://gravitycolumbia.com ha!

What was the height you set this at? Want to try and give these a go.

it all depends on how much material you put under the flasks. However, the Glowforge now has an auto-height detection feature so you no longer have to put in material thickness.

These 2 videos should help:
“Work without the crumb tray”

and “info about how to use Set Focus”