Engraving fountain pens (LAMY)

Has anyone engraved these aluminum fountain pens? I wanted to make some keepsakes for my kids. I’m hoping someone has already done this. They’re expensive enough that I’d rather not destroy them in order to learn how to do it right.


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They’re anodized, so should take laser marking really well. Heaps of info in the forum about anodized aluminum, but definitely buy an extra for testing.

Good luck!


You’re going to want to make a jig, and have your engraving lined up to it (rather than trying to visually line it up). You do it all at one time. Place the jig material, cut it, open the lid and place the pens in the slots, and then close and set you jig cut to ignore, and your engraving to go :slight_smile:

If you read through this whole thread you’ll get great ideas for settings, but testing will likely still have to happen, so plan on sacrificing your first item.


Thank you. This is a very helpful compilation!


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