Engraving on Cork

Has anyone done any Engraving on cork material. Im personalizing some candle lids made of cork material not sure of settings I should use.

Lots of it! It doesn’t engrave deeply, solely a surface mark, but it lasts and doesn’t take much power at all!

(and do a search for cork, you’ll see so many projects!)

PS, I moved your post to Beyond the Manual because that’s the only place we’re allowed to talk about settings


Got it. Thanks for your help. I’m new to this.

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The good news is that there are so many resources here. Always try searching for whatever material you’re thinking of “maple”, “baltic birch”, “acrylic” etc.

Also, there are some really great getting started posts like this one:

Sooner or later you 're also going to want to know about masking:

And how to test a cut to get the right settings:



I’ve engraved “cork leather”–pretty sure just used PG settings for leather–used either medium or thick pending the thickness of the material. And I got a nice depth, similar to leather.

But this is very smooth, and I’ve not engraved other versions/configurations of cork.

But as noted above, always test–even if it means buying an extra piece to do it.