Engraving on shiny metal

So I have been playing around trying to engrave on shiny metal. I have read some posts about people using mustard to help with the glare…and honestly the smell was awful. I was wondering if anyone had any others suggestions and also an y suggestions on the settings? Here is one of the metals I was using…Thanks for the help!!

What kind of metal? I’ve used Cermark with good results on stainless steel, but aluminum was difficult. It took alot of testing to get aluminum to mark with cermark. I have read here that people use dry moly lube as a cheaper alternative, but i don’t have experience with that.


Mustard wasn’t used to stop glare - it was to give the laser the ability to leave a mark on metal. In general 40W lasers cannot mark metal in any meaningful way. They can remove a coating, or interact with something else in a way that leaves a mark.

Cermark is great - but pricey.
The mustard/vinegar/paper towel experiments were successful on some.
I used LBT - but check out this video and you can see some direct comparisons:


Note: if you are using a Performance Series Glowforge (not the Aura), do not put copper metals into your machine. The specific reflectivity of copper in a CO2 based laser will result in reflection of the light back into the laser head and cause damage to your lens.


I use Dry Moly spray lubricant with great results.


Most marking on metal is a chemical reaction that results in an extremely tough oxide layer being fused to the surface. The oxide is a black deposit, so I question if it will show in a meaningful way on that dark surface.
What metal or alloy is that?


stainless steel

its stainless steel

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This was super helpful!! thank you!!!

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