Etch or Score - Can I adjust line thickness?

I want to add a design to a piece of patterned acrylic. I used Score but the lines are too thin. After adjusting the line thickness of the design in Illustrator (changed to 4 pt from 1 pt) I ran it again but the score line remained the same thickness. Then I tried switching to Etch function but all that does in fill the design in with the etch. What I really want is just some thicker lines that will show the design better. If I leave the design open (ie, change from a closed circle to a circle with a small break), will that work?

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May I suggest a discussion for you to read :slight_smile:


No, not really. Score is always the same thickness, exactly one line width of the beam. (And it’s a pretty narrow beam.)

It’s possible to slightly defocus the Score, which will give you a lighter, shallower, slightly wider burn line, but it’s limited.

If you want to make the lines wider, you would want to use an outside design program like Illustrator or Inkscape, Offset the lines, and Expand the results into a Filled Compound Shape that can be Engraved. That will give you a uniform result.


Thanks! I used your suggested method and it worked like a charm! I’m not very good with Illustrator but with a decent book, I can struggle thru. Now all I have to do is remember what I just did. :smile:


Wow, I can tell you are waaaay more advanced than me. :slight_smile: I’ll definitely keep this method in mind once I get a big more confident. I can see the application would have many uses. Thanks so much for your time.

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Not my method, but yeah - it’s not complicated once you’re in the trenches, but it’s quite a leap that first time!

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Here is another example that is better, or at least more straight forward. Shows/explains scoring thick line instead of engraving.
Rule seems to be double the thickness/depth for fast line score.
(Good a place to start as any, I suppose).


There are some excellent suggestions from our users @deirdrebeth, @Jules and @brokendrum . Would you let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns?

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