Feature Request: Cut from inside out

This is a feature request for the Glowforge team. When determining the cut ordering of a shape, it would better to schedule the inner cuts before the outer cuts. The pieces that haven’t been lasered yet would remain in position, so the print would be more accurate.

I know this topic has been covered before, but it’s been a few years now without being addressed. I also know you can manually order them with colors, but that isn’t always easy to do if you don’t want to break apart your graphic.

Given that the software already needs to define some sort of cut ordering for nested shapes, this feels like something it could take into account so we didn’t need to do it manually.

Thanks for your consideration!


Yes, please! I only just now got through making a cut that involved several concentric rings — giving them all distinct colors isn’t tough, but trying to figure out which circle is which in the GF UI so I can reorder the steps is kinda painful.


You can set the order by assigning increasing RGB values in your design app. Here’s an example of using a custom palette. They will appear in that order in the workspace.


^^ this ^^

using the color palette you can order cuts any way you want them.

That’s true, but @rickster has the same issue that I have: you have to surf up and down the order list to find a particular piece. It can be easy to misplace one and waste a lot of time looking for it. And no matter what color you gave it in the graphics program, all the pieces are one of only three different colors in the GFUI. A series of concentric circles can be a bear to figure out.


i get that. i think it would be a nice feature to highlight what that color is in each step, which could make it easier to identify.


Are you referring to designs that have been purchased through the gf catalog or just any design being uploaded into to ui?

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.