Feliz de laser


So tonight we answer two questions, can you and should you, because some of you are I am sure, tempted:

Yes and No are the answers. Mostly because it doesn’t smell like popcorn or grilled corn… smells like leather which had rancid corn spilled on it.

So the good news is the flat bottomed taco shells are pretty square so fairly easy to set up (and more importantly my wife has the evening shift, so she didn’t see this) obviously you have to remove the honeycomb, with a 0.4" above focus depth.

Traced a 3 color sombrero in AI and expanded-ungrouped and did the usual “white delete” and tried to guess some settings.

Text: 1/350
Lighter engrave: 1/300
Darker Engrave: 1/250

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 29th, 2017


Awesome! The text did great. I’m trying to figure out where the blue came from.


I am sure that oxidation product causes some really bad cancer of some organ… I actually think it’s some weird interference pattern as you turn the taco and it’s slightly iridescent…


And here I thought…blue corn!


Okay, hold the phone…

  1. It’s not Tuesday.
  2. @dan doesn’t like tacos.

(Oh no, wait… we determined that he did in fact like tacos…so I guess that’s okay.)

But it’s still not Tuesday. You’re just going to have to do it again next week. :wink:


That’s right. Thursday is SPAM day (and you think the corn smelled bad!) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


My son was joking that I should do bacon next… I then had the idea of engraving hot dogs for BBQs. So when you walked up and just took it and someone said “hey, does that have your name on it?” you can simply turn it over and point with “why yes, yes it does…”


I have given up on Taco Tuesdays and joined the Taco Today movement.
Working my way to Taco Two-A-Days!


I’d be so tempted do this after scrubbing the crumb tray and vacuuming and wiping everything down. Or maybe just be happy with a few “display” taco shells and have them under a glass to prevent consumption.

Your joy at using the Glowforge is really infectious. Keep sharing the love!


Taco Tuesday worked so well for the bars out west here, that we have Taco Thursday too, so you’re good… except for that tortilla chip you folks call a taco shell :slight_smile: (Sorry, got spoiled here with authentic tacos).


I thought we shouldn’t laser food after using the laser on non-food substrates… is the reason for this because the inside of the glowforge is dirty, or some other reason??



And folks worried about contamination.

My experiments have been with hypothetical M&Ms and bananas and chocolate with equally hypothetical consumption as I don’t want to suggest something is safe and anger the FNLs or those who didn’t grow up eating dirt in the back country.

Now the other folks here, well they’re just rebels :rofl:


Plus the way it looks, I imagine it’s not going to be very tasty…


The way I see it, ya gotta keep eating the bad stuff to build up an immunity. Otherwise you’ll get ahold of a hotdog and it will kill you dead. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



It’s all genetics. My wife is a 100lb size 0 Zumba instructor and vegetarian. Works out every single day. Blood pressure and cholesterol still needs medication.

I’m 180lbs (5’9" - not fat but not skinny) and the antithesis of healthy eating & exercise. My workouts are Tai Chi (health/fitness not the martial art version). I do more motor biking than bicycling (and that’s on a tadpoke trike). My BP is 120/70 which is excellent for a 50-something, cholesterol and all blood work is also good.

Her family is all in the same boat she is. I just got lucky on the genetics side. Her, not so much.


<3 tacos!


>3 tacos for me. Because I :heart: :taco:s too. (Perhaps too much.) :slight_smile:


Love it!


Hahaha…great job…now for the soft taco…lol