Flexi Earsavers from your Scrap

Remember all those Half-Earsavers that you wished you could use? Want them more flexible? Wish they were just a bit longer?

Well I have a trick for you…

Small rubber bands or equivalent - loop both pieces the easy way and take the loose end and send it the long way around just one piece. Easy Peasy! :grin:


if you can find hair ties, it would be much better. rubber bands and long hair are a nightmare.


I was thinking the hair ties might be an issue with cleaning. I have long hair and use rubber band in preference to those hair ties as those do not hold well.

they could, but you can also replace them if needed.

you are definitely an anomaly in preferring rubber bands to hair ties for your long hair (says the guy wearing his hair in a pony tail as he types this). i’m sure you’re not alone, but i don’t personally know of anyone else who actually prefers rubber bands. thinner hair, in particular, tangles easily in rubber bands.


Ahhh, but you don’t have long CURLY hair. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Much of my life I was told my hair was wasted by being on a guy, but I am even using wide rubber bands to hold on enough that it does not slide off.

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mine’s not curly, it’s super straight. but it’s also super fine. it sees rubber bands as things to strangle like it was the kraken trying to pull a ship down.


Mine just has a contest with the rubber bands to see who can coil around the other the most. :wink:


I created a template to cut these from already-cut scraps sheets.

It does require snapmarks, but it could also just be added to the design in the UI (just make sure you remove the snapmark alignment element.)

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Maybe rings cut from the legs of pantyhose. That’s usually synthetic and washable.

I can agree with the assessment of rubber bands from personal experience.


Rubber bands are the devil of the hair world.


I find it interesting that you call it hair “ties” if I am thinking of the right product. I had 11-12" cut off in December and it’s still partway down on my back. These are the latest I have ordered (I will show you the one I used when it was 11" longer as well). Are these what you mean by hair ties? Top one shorter hair; bottom pic longer hair (although I wrapped it around almost 3 times but it was tight)


going to have to try that out…I was looking at all those 1/2 pieces and wondering what could be done with those… thanks

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I ran out of rubber bands and tried some lacing tied tight and sealed with a spot of wood glue. They still hinge but there is no give to them.

Yes. And the bottom ones in your picture I have used to make these out of smaller scrap pieces.


ok just making sure. :slight_smile: Loving the using of scraps…luckily I didn’t throw mine out they are all in a box below my glowforge, although I have broken some up a bit…they will be usable as you and @rbtdanforth have shown!! yay!

Can you tell me what size hole you are using for those ‘hair ties’? That would save some experimentation time. :slight_smile: Thank you!

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Hurrah!!! Perfect timing for me to see this today…my mom just called and asked if I had a couple of extra ear savers for her friends (retirement city). They just had their COVID-19 cases jump in their ZIP CODE! This mod will allow me to send her a LOT more (since I am getting low on acrylic and a new shipment will take awhile to arrive) …

A friend of hers told her that she was putting her mask on, while she had her hearing aid in, and then was putting on her glasses and the elastic caught the hearing aid and it popped out and hit the floor and broke! Mom immediately thought of these ear savers and asked me if she could get a few. I’m going to send her a variety of the ear savers so they can take what will work best for each of them. They are in Arizona.

I <3 this community!! Thank you to all!


they’re .222. slightly snug for the thick hair ties, but doable.

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Great us of materials! Thanks for the ideas @shop.

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What exactly are those you used to tie them together?

Something I could pick up from Amazon, or at WalMart?