For your New Years Eve party?--Custom Swizzle Sticks

I’ve seen lots of cake toppers here (and I made a couple myself) but has this been done yet: personalized swizzle sticks? The medium thickness PG acrylic is a good match to commercially made swizzle sticks and so most people are amazed that they’re so “real”-- where’d you get these?!

I made a batch of these for my country band, The Swains. Fun way to make a souvenir keepsake for special gigs or events. (I’m making some more now for our New Year’s Eve show at the Little Red Hen in Seattle).

You could make your own version to commemorate special events, parties, anniversary celebrations, birthdays, etc.

I also made a series of swizzles, one each for original Swains songs that we get requests for. Instead of a dancing couple I put a shape on top that means something to music fans of a certain age…(maybe it’s coming back with the resurgence of vinyl records?)

File if you want it, tho it’s pretty simple.


A quick search for “swizzle” answers your first question:


I recognize that shape!!


I don’t know how many decades it’s been since I saw one of those! :sunglasses:


Those swizzle sticks are too fun! Great idea (and designs).


Those are great! I did remember a previous post about making some…found it here…

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Very nice!

A few months ago, I made a few with my company logo for the director of my department – she inherited a collection of swizzles from her father and absolutely loved the addition.

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Fun project!

Yours are great! Very clean designs.

Awesome idea!

Hello! I’ve been trying to make some swizzle sticks as well but can’t seem to merge the stick onto the svg… am I doing something wrong … yours looks blended.
Thank you!

Not sure what you mean. Mine are just a single connected vector line (with the silhouette shape at the top). That is a continuous “cut” for the outline of the swizzle stick. Other elements are deep engraves. Does that help? Need a file?