Free Design - Hair Barrettes



Here is a quick and simple design for Leather Hair Barrettes - the kind that use a stick to hold in place.

There are 3 basic designs: Oval, Hexagon, and Rectangle with rounded ends

The holes are 1/4 inch diameter, adjust as needed (just watch your edge distance to prevent tear-outs)

leather hair barrettes

Inspired by this thread:

Edit: Deleted ZIP file, added a new SVG that updates the display attributes (thanks to @chris1 and his videos)

Hey guys, We are sponsoring a foster child who has one request "hair things"

Gee, that’s nice. Thanks! A chopstick might work well as the stick.


I was just thinking that as I opened the topic and saw it! lol!


Here is a fancier version of the Oval design, with a second oval incorporated. This also has holes for 1/4 inch dowels.

Single Barrette

Add monograms, pictures, whatever. Have fun

Leather - Hair Ponytail Barrette