Friday Night Show and Tell

I’ve been using my replacement GlowForge for a few days now, and although I’m very happy to have one to use, it definitely has some issues. First off, I have to manually change the cut settings on all proofgrade projects, which isn’t something that I had to do with my OG GF. Support has yet to respond to my inquiry, but I’m sure their busy with other things. I’ll ping them again next week. Secondly, I was working on a big project for the upcoming Star Wars day, when my GF skipped over a 1/2" on a 3 hour print about 90% through the job. Basically, wasted a nice piece of cherry and 3 hours. It made an awful grinding noise when it was at the edge like the stepper motor or gears and belt slipped something fiece. Power off, and re-calibrate and everything has been fine since. So, I knocked out a few gift projects in the meantime.
Maple Plywood.
A good friend of mine and his wife recently adopted their first child after years of waiting. They met at a Dave Matthews Band Concert, so I added a song lyric to my first attempt at word art. Elsie Alice was overdue for a “Congratulations on the new baby” gift, so here it is.

While I was at IKEA last weekend picking up the tabletops for the GF table, I grabbed a few $5 bamboo cutting boards. I have a group project with colleagues from my industry, and we’ll be meeting in Florida in a couple of weeks. I took the logo from our project idea, and put it on a cutting board for a small gift for each of them. I’ll probably buy a bunch more of these small cutting boards, as they are cheap and it seemed to engrave reasonably well.

My first attempt at Slate coasters. My friend’s mom passed away last week, so I grabbed a few pictures of her off The Book of Faces, and will give them to her next week along with a sympathy card. The last one seemed turned out better than the rest.


Mother’s day coming up, and tried a bigger slate. had to split the picture up into 4 pieces, and for some reason the different pics didn’t engrave equally.


Those all look like great projects…I like that large slate photo render. :grinning:


I really like the IKEA cutting boards. I picked up another 5 or 6 the last time we swung through.

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Is it that the cut doesn’t go through all the way? I had a similar set of issues and it took a while for support to resolve everything, but they eventually did and my latest machine has been a dream. I almost forgot what it was like to have it work so effortlessly (this being my 3rd glowforge.)

Here’s my thread with the steps. Mine didn’t collide with sides, so maybe there are other issues but there are good suggestions here:

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All very nice … especially love the first child sign.

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Ok…y’all are killing me. Now I gotta go find cutting boards. I just might have to build a warehouse. :sunglasses:

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The slate is my favorite followed by the WordArt! As to the different engraves on the big slate, until you get it figured out its a “feature” :sunglasses:

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