Game - guess what I'm building - Arcade Cabinet

I had some time at the maker space yesterday and cut 22 quarter inch thick press board sheets into parts. I’m still missing a few parts, but most of them are there (I still have 4 sheets to cut, but ran out of time. I’m going back next weekend to finish).

Can you guess what I’m building?


Battle damaged something-or-another. I’d ask if that is clear acrylic with masking still on, but it seems there’s too much brown in the engravings.

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MAME cabinet! FTW!!!


Definitely looks like a video game cabinet, at least the piece on the far right looks like a joystick/button panel for two players.


Yeah, arcade game cabinet is my guess as well. Something I plan to do with the Glowforge as well (well, a small one at any rate.)


I guess it’s pretty obvious. It’s a table-top arcade cabinet. I started putting it together yesterday, but, as I said, I’m missing a few parts.

I designed it all so that all the pieces are smaller than 20x11.5 so that I can cut another one on the GF when mine arrives.

I’ll post a final picture once it’s all assembled.


:squeee: cant wait to see the finished piece…

Nicely done so far…


Ummm, yeah - you’re missing a screen… :neutral_face: , J/K - nice job! Won’t it be nice when you can do things like this without having to vie for makerspace time ! Keep us updated on project pics !


I’d certainly look for the files in the store to make this one when it’s up and running.


That’s one of the first things I want to make when I get my forge! Well done man! This looks great!

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Thought you had a PRU

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I do, but it was an early one with a number of flaws which prevent me from making anything other than simple cuts and a limited set of engrave types. I cant build anything 3d with it because the head is sloped at an angle, so it cuts at an angle which causes problems with press fit pieces, axles, etc. There are a lot of things I have half made that are just waiting on a fully functioning machine to arrive. Quite looking forward to that day. I think im one of the only PRU users whos machine hasnt been replaced with a fully functioning one, but I dont really have much room to complain as ive still been able to make some cool engravings with it. I have much larger plans once I get my pro though. The passthrough slot will be a boon as well.


GF really should update you to a current build, preferably a Pro model, which I think that you ordered.


Eh that would be nice! I would like to get back to lasering. I haven’t really been posting because I am unable to make things I want at this time. Doing simple engraves loses its novelty after a while. I have a number of addons designed to enhance the functionality of the glowforge, but they require square edge cuts. They will have to wait.

However, I think they had to choose between fixing mine and giving someone else a PRU, and we’ve seen a lot of great stuff coming out of the newer batch of PRU users. It’s great to see what everyone else is making. Shipping is coming soon, so I can wait a couple more months like everyone else.

I’m also waiting on the last piece of my CNC bed from misumi to ship, so I’m taking a bit of a making break. I just started a new gig as Tech Director for a company here, so I have plenty to keep me busy in the dearth of Maker life.


I’m really liking this design and just noticed you said it’ll fit in the gf! Awesome! Keep in mind the current cut area is 18x10.5. I’m hoping that will change at release.

Have you picked out the hardware you’re going to use for it yet? Which joysticks and buttons? Are you going to put speakers at the top? Which LCD panel? I’d love to hear more about the electronics you’re going to put in place. Definitely keep us updated! I’m really interested in seeing where this goes.


Right now, I’ve designed it to be able to fit in a 20x11.5 area (which I think should work based on the release specs of the GF, which I think is 20.5 x 11.5). I wanted it to be able to be cut on a basic GF (or a pro without the passthrough). I used those “cracked” designs on the side to hide the seams between parts, and the bullet holes to align parts when I’m gluing them together.

I’m using an old LCD monitor I have that is 4:3.

I already have the raspberry pi, running the retropie distribution. So the emulators are all easy. I’ve found a few roms for games I want (at this point, mostly old C64 games, although I’d like to find some PS2 games I used to play a lot too).

These are the joysticks and buttons I bought:
I’m supposed to receive them this week.

I should be able to move this project forward this weekend. So I’m hoping to have more pics for you early next week.

I find the toughest things about this project is that each time I sit down to test some component, I find another game I used to play, and there goes a few hours of non-productive time. I have to find some boring games to test the components.


Also available on Amazon.


And AdaFruit

So clever! I would not have guessed from the picture. Looks great!


Ohhhhh!! I have this high on my list of things to make! Can’t wait to see the progress!!

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