GF intor stuff

The other day I saw an engraved laptop and remembered some of the stuff shown during the GF fundraising. What ever happened to the laptop engraving, the drone and cardboard globe designs. Since my design skills are not to that level I would even pay for them?

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There is a Macbook setting in the GF proofgrade list, but as laptops are not as replicable as MDF you want to get it right the first time. There are several here including @geek2nurse with more experience, and hopefully, they will chime in.

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There is a cardboard globe on here as well - not from GF since they haven’t (so far) managed to come up with PG cardboard.

I remember Dan talking about the drone too…let me go searching. Yeah, he talks about releasing it, but AFAIK it didn’t happen (probably due to all the other mechanisms required to build it)


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