GFUI Folders

Do to the nature of my workflow:

  • Several Reasons related to the Passthrough
  • Many Variations of specific designs making my GFUI incredibly cluttered
  • Specific use of designs (functional, aesthetic, to be sold, family favors etc.)

My GFUI needs to have folders or some form of filtration with tags structure that I can use to make the use of the GFUI more efficient.

User Story would look like:
As a GlowForge Pro Owner, I would like to have a filter for my GF Finished designs using a user-definable text tag.

I being a technical architect in my day job, use a lot of highly specialized elements to build a complex system, and due to this have a penchant for organizing things into folders. So I would prefer to have a user story something like the following:

As a highly technical designer of variated and complex GlowForge designs, I would like to see the visualization of the GFUI in a folder based configuration with the ability to move and copy objects between the folders. I would optionally like to be able to drag and drop these items as that is what the world is accustomed to however the acceptance criteria could start at just having folders and being able to move objects between them.


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Feature requests need to go into #problems-and-support - I’d move it for you, but that doesn’t generate a notification to them so they’ll potentially miss it. I’d recommend copying and pasting this over into a new thread over there.

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Thank you, I will recreate it there.

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I asked for this a year or two ago. It’s “in the hopper”, but who knows how long it’ll take to implement.

Really, when it comes down to this, lets be honest, the whole software package and proprietary-ness of this thing is kinda 1984… why don’t they make it open source so we can do it for them? I KNOW I Could make a folder structure using Express, Angular and NodeJS in under 4 hours, and I am an architect not an actual developer.

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