Glass lid huge separation

Anyone else having this issue and was told to use glue to fix the problem?
If so how did you fix it?

Edit - I can not vouch for E6000. I had been led to believe it is the same as Goop, which I have used extensively for almost 20 years. Apparently, I was misinformed.

Support can only recommend sending the machine back.

A couple here have used E6000, but it will require completely separating it, cleaning off what’s there, and applying carefully. You can’t just squirt a little into the gap.

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Those who decided to use the E600; how is it holding up?
This is a weakness in the design

Anyone have pics of the process

I believe there are several posts here in the forum. Here is one: Repair attempt at loose glass lid at rear hinge

They have over 20,000 units out there. Yours is the third I’ve seen, iirc, and one was on a machine stored unopened in a garage for over a year - most likely not sitting horizontally. I don’t think that qualifies as a design weakness.

Wow - sorry - I’m glad you are not having the same issue I just want mine resolved
Thanks for your comment bro

Thank you I will look at what options they offer me and I’ll also look at that post

I’m sorry you are having the issue. I would hate to have to box mine up and ship it.

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Yeah, if you’re under warranty take the time and have them fix it
If not, the do-it-yourself is a great option!

It sucks when you’re the 1 in a million (or 3 in 20k), but luckily there are solutions no matter how old your machine :slight_smile:


Unfortunately I’m not under warranty anymore it appears that the person who used E600 glue had very limited success.

Sending the unit back and paying for the repairs seems to be the only option for best results unless somebody else out there can suggest a strong adhesive better than e600

I find it interesting that you came to that conclusion since you posted on the thread where the E6000 worked perfectly until they had a different section fail. Also it’s a completely different person who decided to skip trying to repair it themselves and ship it in. SO if you don’t want to ship it in, go back and read that thread again - the instructions are good, but no repair ever can guarantee that a different section might have issues at a later date.

lol - anyone else attempt a DYI repair on the glowforge that is out of warranty? Attempted the “I give you permission to glue it” method

Please only give you suggestion if you actually tried to fix it yourself

If you are a die hard fan boy/girl I get it = your glowforge is perfect !
Mine has an issue at the moment

Haven’t had mine come loose, but going to make a suggestion anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m certain that when they replace the glue on the lid, they are going to need to completely remove the glass, clean it, reattach with adhesive, and then clamp it in a special jig until it completely sets. Or it might be a UV type glue. One of the problems with the occasional lid detachments might be that they rushed it trying to get the orders out, or got skimpy with the glue, or it didn’t cure properly in one spot, and the weight of the glass eventually detaches it.

The big deal is the jig. I’m sure they’ve got something to lift the weight of of that heavy glass and get it aligned correctly for clamping. Which I think might be important.

I suspect that letting us glue it is a temporary fix at best. I intend to send it back in if mine ever detaches…I think they’ve got the setup to repair it properly, so IMO it would be worth the shipping cost (here in the States) to have it done right.

Just my 2 cents. Take it for what it’s worth.


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