Glowforge discount ending & $45M in sales


Two announcements today: we’ve sold a total of $45M in lasers so far, and our preorder discount is about to end.

Q: Does this mean you’re about to ship?
A: That’s our plan! We’re scheduled to ship the bulk of our units this December. Details here.

Q: What will the pricing be after the discount ends?
A: We’re planning $3,000-$6,000, but as always, pricing may change.

Q: What is the exact date that the discount will end?
A: We’re not sharing the exact date. We’ll keep the current prices through September.

Q: $45M! Who are all those people?
A: Many of them you know from the forum, but we’ve seen that about a third of buyers (who tend not to hang out here) are universities, maker spaces, and big tech companies - just about every big technology company you’ve heard of has purchased a Glowforge printer (or three).

Q: So does this mean you’re absolutely certain you’ll ship on schedule?
A: No. Unfortunately our schedule can never be absolutely certain, because production surprises with far-reaching consequences can arrive at the last minute. We’re working every waking hour to get your Glowforge on time, but if you’ll forgive me repeating myself, meeting our schedule is the second-most important goal we have as a company - eclipsed only by making sure your Glowforge is as good as it can possibly be.

Thanks so much for your continuing support. We’re working hard to get your lasers to you shortly!

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Feeling all warm and glowie all over. Not entirely sure glowie is a word, but I like it, so it’s staying.


It IS a word, now…and I like it a lot! :relaxed:


Sounds good! The wait is PAIN but we’re almost there! Hope hope hope I have my new shiny toy to play with this x-mas break!


Congrats and Yay! :grinning:


Thank you very much for the update @dan.

Always very much appreciated.


Woo hoo! I’m so ready to start lasering everything!

Also, @smcgathyfay is famous now:

“After 16 years of using lasers costing $15,000 and up, I was greatly impressed,” reported Glowforge customer Stephanie McGathy.


Thanks Dan


Thanks for the update :slight_smile:


Wow big business! Congrats! Does this means that the glowies sheduled for march 2017 will be delivered in december?


Is there an emoji for jaw dropping? Wow!! That’s amazing!! Thanks for the update Dan! Way to go GF team!


Going to have to go ahead and concur w @Multimaker…can hardly contain myself :persevere:


I’m afraid not; still on the same schedule before.


Go Big G! Thank you, Dan!


We wait in silence :wink:


Daaaaang good news! Thanks GF crew for working hard at making our machines top notch!


This was just enough to push my wife over and let me get the upgrade to pro! now I have to hurry up and pay it off. I envy some of you 100% referral people that I’ve heard whispers about. And I covet your secret methods of doing so.
So excited!


I see the Light Laser at the end of the tunnel!