Glowforge is stuck!

My machine was stuck on centering- now stuck on the left side.

Why can’t Glowforge put an alert on the page when there are server issues?


They do, as soon as they know about them. :slight_smile:

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Okay. I just got this machine.


Mine has been stuck for about 45 minutes, too :frowning:

Have you tried going through the steps here:

I’m giving it a couple of hours and see if the issue resolves.

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Here’s the status page, in case you don’t know:

And, since “stuck centering” is a frequent issue for people and it could be just coincidence that you’re having it right now, it wouldn’t hurt to try the official troubleshooting steps:

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I think we are all stuck


Thank you! I didn’t know there was a status page.


Mine is stuck too. The status hasn’t been updated. Well, time to write instructions while I wait. LOL


Everyone having the issue needs to email or open their own thread so they will (hopefully) see it quickly.


@dan help!


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Hmmm… Sounds like maybe they should have more specific and helpful error messages, instead of general catch-all ones. If the above is true, then they know the different types of errors, but they just haven’t bothered to expose it to the users.


Your plan to use cloud computing is currently costing my company both time and money. Who at Glowforge HQ should I send my invoice to?

The official troubleshooting is here:

Remove material from bed, make sure lid camera is clean, and wifi is good (if status updates show in UI, it likely is.)

Thank you!

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Well, at least I’m not the only one!

Pinging the CEO isn’t going to accomplish anything; he’s the least likely person to see this in anything approaching a timely manner. And you knew GF used cloud computing before you purchased it and made the decision to base a business on a hobby-priced machine, so it’s silly to complain about it now.

I love this idea. However, I really, really hope that they have automated systems to notify them of this sort of issue and that they’re not relying on the users to tell them. #facepalm.

I’d already emailed support, but I presumed that support wasn’t in charge of handling invoices.

Also, @dan publicly encourages small businesses to use a Glowforge:

They’re not some small plucky startup any more - they’ve been shipping units for more than 3 years. That’s a long time to still be having problems big enough that those problems turn their products into a $3k paperweight.

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Working on it:

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