Glowforge Song

So I realize there are many more practical and much less expensive ways to make music. That said, as I sit here and listen to my :glowforge: sing to me I makes me wonder if anyone has programed an SVG file that results in the servo motors singing a recognizable song.

I mean if someone can do it with a road, why not a :glowforge:


I looked into this once, built an svg with line segments at 1 degree angle increments. I certainly don’t have perfect pitch, so it was fun but I wasn’t able to really turn it into sheet music. I figured it would be pretty simple to take a midi file and convert to a line that played the song if you knew what angles equated to what notes… I just never finished exploring it.


I would love to be able to take a recording (voice-non singing) and create the waves I’ve seen from it. I know there’s an app for it but haven’t delved into it. The ‘reflect’ some of them to look like trees on water. I have one of my nephew who died 2 years ago i’d like to do for my sister. I need to look into it again!!

First results on Google. :wink:


Fun! But not a :glowforge: :stuck_out_tongue:

There was some fun and games by developers back in the day.


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