Google Sheet for settings?

Has someone started a shared google sheet with the settings for the different non proofgrade materials that we are cutting ?

Is that something that would be frown upon ? Seems that we are sharing the settings anyway but in a way that is hard to find. I imagine such sheet also having the link


That’s a really great idea.


Not a bad idea for a starting point, but the potential inconsistency in some non-proofgrade still means experimenting with each material to dial it in.
It should be great for a lot of different materials like stone or glass.

UPDATE: I had the wrong sharing settings. It should be fixed now.

I thought this had already been done but I guess people just shared templates for making your own log sheet. I like this idea, but I’m also wary of having people going in and editing my stuff. I’m perfectly happy to share what I have, though. There’s not much in it, because I’m lazy and tend to forget to take notes in the heat of battle:

Maybe what we really need is a sheet that aggregates data from others, so everyone could keep their own settings under their control, while making it possible to easily browse and search across the whole collection.


If links can be embedded in the spreadsheet, it would be great to add a photo of the outcome of each material/setting listed.


This one seems like a great one to keep adding to !

From another post and user, definitely a nice wealth of information.


It dawns on me that this project may not be as useful as we hope. GF is notorious for making wholesale changes to speed/power settings, and one undocumented change could throw the whole thing off.


That’s a bit of hyperbole, isn’t it? How often has this happened on production units? They rolled out the whole precision power/full power but aside from that?


yes, perhaps.

LOL - glad we agree. :wink: I can certainly understand and appreciate the fear of this though.

Definitely add to this one - there are already a lot of settings there!