Gradient Engraving Basketweave Pattern



Sarbarmultimedia and @m_raynsford have some interesting tests at variable depth engraving. I won’t call it 3D because these are far from finished examples of what will be possible with 3D engraving enabled.

I’m curious, especially with @takitus chipping away at this feature on the Glowforge. I thought I would see how gradients in Inkscape worked, exported as a PNG with no processing. Just brought in to the UI, rescaled smaller and printed.

<img src="/uploads/glowforge/original/2X/0/03d46777a19407fc5551db0ddcd9e7aeae17fc35.svg" width="500 height=“594”>

SVG here. It consists of one rectangle that has a black to white fill gradient from left to right. That is butted up against a small rectangle which is just a white fill. The rest is just tiling those two elements. It’s placed on a black filled background and then exported.

This is the PNG that was exported.

Proofgrade Maple, Engrave was 2.5"x3". 10% power, 335 in/min, full lpi of 1.3K. Rubbed off the masking and that’s it.

Just posting the results to look at and think about. Ultimately, the Celtic knotwork that I like would have this treatment.

It is interesting the the black of the gradient on horizonal stripes is the darkest and deepest, even more that the black squares of the background black.

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Beautiful test – thank you.


I can’t find a gradient fill in inkscape.
Can you give me a pointer to it ?
It just gives Visible colors/red/green/blue/hue/saturation/alpha.
Cancel that, just found my way in.
Gradient was hidden below the Fill tool, off screen !


That’s an interesting experiment. I’m looking forward to seeing how you progress with it. This concept will play heavily in some of my design ideas.


The newest version .92 has mesh gradients so that allows some cool effects.


Looks like I’d better update. I’m using 0.48.
At the moment, I prefer Corel Draw, but then that’s probably because I’ve used it for so long. :slight_smile:


Is there any 3D effect, actual depth of cut, or is this just an optical illusion? I really like the tests that you are doing. It teaches me so much. Thank you for taking the time to show us all of this. :smiley:


There is real depth to the engrave. you can see it best at the edge of the image where it is blackest next to the untouched, masked surface of the plywood.


That turned out very nice.


So if you try this at full power, full speed, you should get a much more pronounced 3D effect. Make sure you use proofgrade detected material and 340lpi.


Thanks for the tip. I will try it at those settings. Right now I’m at 4 1/2 hours of straight engraving with just a few minutes pause between jobs to swap out the cutting boards. So many things I want to try. The Glowforge is one tool that will keep you busy for a long, long time exploring its capabilities.


Proofgrade Maple. 100% power, 335 in/min, 340 lpi. It makes such a difference. Wow!


Looking much better!


Oh my gosh, these are fantastic! And they must be tiny, judging by the bottle cap for scale. Just, wow!

Edit: had to add a few squees :squeeee::squeeee::squeeee:


There ya go! That’s looking great! If you set it to 2 passes it will be even more pronounced! Awesome


Can you feel the up and down roll of it or is this mostly just color effect vs what say a straw matt would feel that was woven like this


That looks awesome. It is amazing how different this looks. It surprises me how much changing the settings made on your project. :grin:


Yes you can feel it.


Nice example there man! Thank you :sunglasses:

I’m having trouble understanding the difference between 1.3k LPI and 340 in trying to translate the differences in the same file. :thinking:


Oh now I like that. I can see that working in conjunction with the cultic knots and such. Is there such a thing as a post pre release? Ha