Grants from Glowforge to fund your creativity at Maker Faire

We want to help you, and all our awesome customers, share your creative vision with the world. What better place to do that than World Maker Faire New York, the place we ourselves launched to the world two years ago?

Maker Faire NY 2017 will take place on September 23rd and 24th at the New York Hall of Science in Queens. We’ll be there, and we’re hoping you might be, too, so we’ve put together something that we think you’re going to be really excited about.

#Here’s the deal:

To share the amazing creativity of you and the other incredible folks who helped us get here, we are funding creative grants for exhibitors. We were inspired by Make, who gives away booth space free to makers, but we realize not everyone can afford to decorate a booth, let alone travel to the event. We decided to spend up to $2,000 per person for travel and show supplies to fix that.

Sound exciting? Thousands of passionate makers who want to learn about what you’ve created? To start, check out the experience of Glowforge customers who attended Bay Area Maker Faire back in May, like takitus and kallisti. Then, read on for details.


  • First, be a Glowforge customer
  • Second, get accepted for a Maker booth by Maker Faire
  • Third, be selected for our grant program

#Got it? Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Glowforge customer. You’re probably there already! The program is open to anyone who has an open pre-order for a Glowforge Basic or Pro, or who has received their Glowforge already.

Step 2: Accepted by Maker Faire. You’ll apply through Maker Faire for a booth directly, before applying with us. To do that, just go to the Call for Makers and apply as a “Show and Tell” participant - or, if you want to sell things that you make, you can pay the “Commercial Maker” or “Crafter” fee to Maker Faire.
The deadline to submit is July 9th for the first round and the second July 16th for the second round. Maker Faire will tell you if you’ve been chosen before the end of July.

Step 3: Apply to our grant program. If you’re chosen for a booth by Maker Faire, let us know! We want to help you show off your amazing creations. To apply for the grant, simply fill out this form to tell us all about what you plan to do at Maker Faire. We want to support everyone, but we know there are going to be more applicants than spaces, so we’ll do our best to find the most creative, interesting, and interactive booth ideas.

Grant Details

If we’re able to include you in our grant program, we’ll take care of the following:

  • Reimbursement of up to $500 for your booth and marketing
  • Reimbursement of up to $1,500 for travel and accommodations if you’re not local to the event
  • Reimbursement for any Proofgrade materials that you use during the show
  • Loan of an air filter (from Glowforge or another company) for the duration of the show
  • If your Glowforge unit has not yet been delivered, we’ll loan you a Glowforge Basic, delivered mid-August

If we’re not able to include you in our grant program, we’ll let you know right away so you can decline your booth with Maker Faire, should you need to do so.

We’re so very excited to be able to support you and your creativity this year, and watch you bask in all your laser-glory. Questions? Ask away, below. We can’t WAIT to see you there!

Bailey + Team


Good marketing. Good PR. Good karma. Good!


yeah, it’s great marketing, but it’s also really nice to see a company being so supportive of its customers; while the success of its customers is almost always a major determinant of a company’s success, it’s not too often you see them understand that.


Wow this is awesome.

Maybe next year after I have a year of Glowforge under my belt.


This is amazing! I am definitely going to consider this as I build up my line of products! :slight_smile:


Maybe next year I’ll have a Glowforge.

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Clever. Well done.

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This is such a cool idea!!! Not sure I’ve got the know-how to even begin to consider doing something like this, but MAN am I excited for whoever takes part in this incredible opportunity.


That’s where the karma comes in.

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I’d love to hear more from folks who’ve done this before - @takitus, @karaelena, @Kallisti, @macphee, @marmak3261, can you share any details about your experiences exhibiting at BAMF?

Any info that you’re willing to share is helpful. What did you do that worked well? What didn’t work? What would you be sure to do or bring next time? Did you do a full booth or a table? What did you demo, and did you have “make and take” projects? Did you do demos at specific times, or continuously throughout the day? Were you able to staff your booth comfortably with 2 people, or did you wish for another set of hands?

Don’t expect you to give away any “trade secrets”, but I’d welcome any insight that you’re comfortable sharing :slight_smile:


First I will say, it’s a really fun experience, and if you make and sell stuff, it’s great exposure. I would at least have a MINIMUM of two people at your booth. Getting away from it is really hard to do if you are the artists and people are asking questions. Have a lot of snacks on hand. @dan and co came around bringing popsicles and throat lozenges. They were life savers. It gets loud and you start to lose your voice.

Also come prepared as if your Glowforge will not be functioning while you are there. If you want to sell or give away stuff, make it beforehand. I couldnt get my computer connected to wifi when the hotspot was sitting on top of it. It’s just a hellish place for communications. I sold some stuff there, but had to defer to my online presence way more than I would have liked.

Kids will want to pick up/push buttons etc. I would make a button cover for the forge that protects against unwanted presses. I would also sync it to a hotspot before everyone gets there. That process is such a pain when everything is moving full steam and the place is flooded with wifi interference.

That’s all I have time to type, but it’s definitely worth doing. I had a blast!


Thank you!


The customer support that glowforge exhibits stands out among manufacturers of - anything!
Sure, the exposure of exhibiting along side customers shines a favorable light on them, and is very valuable to the company image, but I am at a loss to think of a comparable example of customer support. :sunglasses:

I have to say I am not surprised, considering the moral behavior I have seen here over the last 18 months.


@bailey fyi, the link isnt open to the public.


I’ll help in any way I can for those who want to apply. Get your application in right away. They got back to me in about two weeks letting me know I was accepted. I thought it would take longer.

@takitus said it well with his advice. The Maker application and booth management Maker toolkit is very good. It tells you what to do every step of the way. In making your application, be prepared to come up with a good narrative for your project/exhibit. Have a good photo prepared to show off your stuff in a square format. A link to a video of your stuff is good. I had some YouTubes that I did. And I just linked to one of my Made on a Glowforge topics for a website, since I didn’t have one of my own dedicated to the Glowforge. If you have a site, so much the better.

I encourage anyone who is interested to try. It’s just the coolest thing. All you need is yourself, some partners to assist in booth management, some physical objects of what you have made, and a Glowforge and materials.


That’s an amazing offer and a great idea for getting the word on glowforge out there. Wish I had my pro to build a catalog so I could take advantage of this sweet deal.


This is an amazing opportunity. When I get things better situated on my end I plan on applying for this. :smiley:


That’s a great opportunity for the people who’ve gotten their glowforge.
Pretty much a slap in the face for the rest of us.

Snarky? Maybe. Honest? You betcha.
Anything else you want to do to make things worse for those still waiting?

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Yup. That’s snarky…


You are completely out of line. Did you read the whole post?

Step 1: Glowforge customer. You’re probably there already! The program is open to anyone who has an open pre-order for a Glowforge Basic or Pro, or who has received their Glowforge already.

If your Glowforge unit has not yet been delivered, we’ll loan you a Glowforge Basic, delivered mid-August