Halloween Plague Doctor Mask

I made a Plague Doctor mask for Halloween. I made it for myself, but as soon as my son saw it, he high-jacked it for his own Halloween party.

It was made using this pattern:

The pattern and accompanying video were great! Well worth their price.

I used the GF to cut all the cork fabric I used (it’s Cork Fabric that @Rebecca used for her wallet)

My son wore it to a Halloween party on the weekend, and made one little kid cry. So … mission accomplished … I guess?


I like your deceptively cheerful color scheme. :slight_smile:


Both you and your son have great taste!!! What a wonderful mask. I actually have that very mask pattern sitting in a wish list :slightly_smiling_face:


Just so you know, it took me about 6 hours of stitching to hand stitch it.


Very cool

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Zero stitching, zero leather, definitely a step down in cool over the proper version you made… but also no 6 hours of stitching, either.


Thank you for the warning. It takes me about 2.5-3 hours to stitch the executive wallet in the Glowforge catalog.

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Mission totally accomplished. “Rad!” cries the person from the U.S.!

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Pretty cool. Love the colors.

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Pretty amazing job! It totally looks like leather.


Oh cool…I thought it was leather too. Very spookaaay!


I love the look of this fabric. I find it has a very leathery texture to it, but it’s much lighter. It’s also thinner.

The wallet I made from it is very light and thin, which is what I like for wallets.

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I just wish it came in more colors…

Have you tried any kind of color treatments on the natural cork version? Will it take paint or leather dye?

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I have not tried any finish on it at all. I only ordered the yellow and red to test things out, and I’m almost out of it. I’m probably going to order other colors soon, since I like it so much. Although I don’t have any other projects in mind yet.

I also have not tested if I can engrave on it at all. That’s going to be one of my next tests.

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Keep us posted!

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Love the geometric objects in the background of the second photo!!!


Those are my giant laser-cut gears. You can see a better picture here:

And a video on youtube here:

Those were made on a laser-cutter, but not a GF. I made those before getting the GF.


Nice mask!

You know, but others may not, that the Plague Doctor has been a point of interest here since the start of the forum.


Your creations are AMAZING!!! Thank you for sharing!!!


Well done!