With cover down - Not a Peep


All right @Jules, ask and ye shall receive… By the way, I think the guy at the store called the TSA on me, when I ran in and said “I need Peeps and a bottle of mustard seeds…”

(not sure why it is rotated?)

That was 1%/250

Thanks to Glowforge for the NY Maker Faire Grant!
Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 22nd, 2017
Peep Show :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Someone needs to use that name.


Squeeeeeee!!! All the Likes! (I’ve been curious about Peeps since the beginning!) :glowforge:

You have settled an issue that many will ask about. :grin::+1:


This forum is being real weird today and I like it, a lot.


I agree! (I can’t believe I spent the day lasering grains of rice, ROFL!) :smile:


What about patterning a creme brulee?


Ha! that is great! tattooed a peep!


Oh just you wait @Jules, @Joe is over right now and let me tell you, getting your text aligned on a mustard seed is no easy feat…


Bring it boys! :smile:


@joe brought cannoli too!


Oh great, another forgers’ meetup! You guys have a wonderful time now.


Luckily cannoli don’t fit under the head… Or else…


Can’t you pull out the crumb tray or are they still too tall?


But then where would all the cannoli crumbs go?


Has anyone tried dried pasta yet? Make your own animal pasta or alphabetti out of a sheet of lasagna!


I cut some spaghetti, not in a Glowforge though. It worked pretty good.
(video in the linked post)


ROFLMAO…thats hilarious…poor peep…


I was nervous for you the whole time! I remember what happens to peeps in the microwave.


Yeah @henryhbk, really…the peep could have grown to 10 times its size…then oozed out of the GF growing even faster from the laser radiation accelerating the rapid growth of its already tortured body…enraged by the pain it suffered at your hands, could have easily overtaken you and …and…nah…thats just silly…lol


Your house smells like cotton candy.