Help im stuck in Focus

i have been stuck in focus for 2 days. i emailed support they sent me a list of things to check and take pictures of, which i did. i have not heard back? any help or suggestions i would appreciate. ive read all the information on this topic. bascally im stuck in focus and its not moving at all. i dont know what could be wrong.

For the future - emailing and then posting here just opens up 2 tickets with support - and they’ll close this one as soon as they realize it’s a duplicate. Next time just do one or the other :slight_smile:

They don’t tend to write back until they have a suggestion for something for you to do. So be sure they’re looking into it, but it might take a bit for them to get back to you.

For now, check out the suggestions at:

for more things you can poke at while waiting for them to get back to you!

oh im sorry i thought this post was for the community to possibly help? not open 2 support tickets. i thought any suggestions could help speed this along… i dont normally post things so i guess im wrong??? gotta read the manual i guess…update; Thank you Brandon in support!!! thankyou for all your help.

Problems & Support is to contact the company and get community input. Emailing is private :slight_smile:
(this is the top post in the P&S category)

If for some reason you want to keep your conversation with them private, but also ask in the community you can post in Everything Else :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed something in the link above helps!

Hi @Maureenpata. We just followed up on your email request. I’ll go ahead and close this thread to continue the discussion in email. Please check your inbox for that email with the next steps. Thank you!

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