Honeycomb out to engrave

I’ve looked through a bunch of posts and just want a simple answer if it is simple. I want to engrave in a cutting board to thick for the tray so when I remove it do I need to change any settings or will my pro do that for me ? Thank you

You will not need to change your settings if you get the cutting board to within 1/2" of the laser head.
All the posts are teaching you how to get it to the correct height.


Thank you I just found a great tutorial right after I posted :woman_facepalming::rofl:

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Just stack wood or something under it to make the total thickness between 1.5 inches and 2 inches.

Cut one of these from a it of scrap and you’ll nail the engrave height every time:

your ruler is pretty cool. I’m gonna’ cut one out today.

There are also a number of people selling supports on Etsy. You can opt for a svg. and make them yourself or get some plastic ones for a few dollars more.

You might also find this handy. It gives you the actual focus height. I came up with it because that was hard to determine on glass without putting tape or similar onto the surface.