How long on average for support team to get back to you?

I’ve been having trouble getting in touch with support. I messaged them last Friday, I called today and left a voicemail because that was the only option. I’m a bit frustrated because my lens removal tool arrived broken, and my glowforge is unusable until it gets cleaned, so my new business is stuck on “stand by” mode until I hear back from someone.

In your experience, how quickly do you hear back from support?

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You do not need the lens removal tool to use your Glowforge. With the machine off, remove the cover of the printhead. Remove the mirror and put aside. Use a qtip to gently push the lens down and out of the printhead. Make sure to catch the lens or have it land on something very soft. Clean the lens and return it to the print head.

Print one of these and you are good to go. Replacement Blue Thing (Lens Removal Tool)


Well waiting for them may take a while but there is no need for that. Take the top cover off and remove the mirror. Place one hand below the head and using a Q tip gently push the lens down until it drops into your hand. Don’t let it fall onto the tray, make sure you catch it. You could also place a soft towel below it to catch it. You can then replace it using the tool that is damaged (using the opposite end from the magnet).
Also, there are plans on here for a GF made substitute. Have a search.


Within one business day has been my experience. However, they do triage tickets, and deal with the most urgent issues first. Replacing a lens removal tool is going to be at the very bottom of the priority list. It’s not a show-stopper.


Thanks everyone! I will try your suggestions this afternoon.

Glowforge provides a tool but it is also best advised to have a second one on hand unless you are aware of how to remove it without the tool. It looks like you have had your machine for about 2 years now. Over the past 2 years you have not printed more then 40 hours, correct? And you stored the tool for 2 years and now are retrieving it and realized it was broken, correct?

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