Howdy! Intorduction

Just placed my order for a Pro. Super excited.

My Family and I love to create. Seems like Ideas are flowing.

My Wife of 25 years, my Son(19) and Daughter(18) are looking forward to it also.

Any tips or can’t miss suggestions, send them my way.

For now, I am scouring the tutorials and community to learn.


You are doing just right. When you get it do the first three projects before heading out on your own.


Install Inkscape and Gimp (bothe free and powerful) and spend time learning them, you don’t have to have a Glowforge to do that and the more you know of them the easier time when you do receive it.

Welcome to the fun!


I use Gimp a lot.

I was going to use Silhouette Studio (SS). I have the designer edition.

I have not looked into Inkscape yet. Would it server me better than SS?

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You can probably manage with that, I have not used it so cannot advise of the difference. Many go with what they know, but those are where follks not used to something else get the easiest start.

Thanks for the tips!

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The program you know well is always the best but you might want to download Inkscape and start to get to knowing it as I think at some point you will hit a wall with SS.


Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to seeing what you and your family will create!

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Welcome to the forum!! It sounds like that machine will be busy with all kinds of diverse projects from the family.

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Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: You are on the right path scouring tutorials

Good for you and welcome to the group. I hope your machine is everything and more that you hoped it would be.

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Thumper, welcome to the Community!

Probably the most used software is Adobe Illustrator, which is certainly very robust and powerful, but requires a monthly subscription.

Inkscape is free, but can be challenging to learn. (But does some things that alternatives don’t, so I always recommend having it installed).

While I started with Inkscape, I pretty quickly decided I wanted a powerful (and IMHO easier to use), but inexpensive alternative.

Based on some others’ recommendations, I tried the trial versions of Serif’s Affinity Designer (which has many of the functions of Adobe Illustrator), and Affinity Photo (similar to Photoshop).

These currently have, I believe, a free 30-day (or longer) trial, and are also on sale (for at least a few more days, I believe) for $24.99 each (Regular price $49.99 each). That price is for unlimited copies of each on a single (Mac or WIndows) platform. If you have both platforms, then you would need to purchase one license for Mac and a separate one for Windows. They also have iPad versions of Designer and Photo, which are regularly $19.99, and now are just $9.99,

Hope you find these helpful - I’d highly suggest getting the free trials, and then deciding if it is worth spending $50 or so (per platform) for the programs.

(No, I don’t work for them, I’m just a big fan!)


When you complete the WiFi set up it guides you to the First Three Prints - but almost everybody is so excited that they skip right over that to get started. My biggest suggestion would be to not skip over those. They literally let you try everything the machine can do - a basic intro - but it’ll serve you well!

The forum is a great place to find answers to questions, especially if you’re good with the search function, but also bookmark the official support page!

and lastly, when you post into the Problems & Support area you are opening a public ticket with staff. When you send an email you are opening a private ticket with staff. Do one or the other, not both, and it’ll speed up response time. If you’re asking about shipping, or money, or anything else private do it by email. If you want community input do it in P&S.

Welcome to the community!


Congratulations on your purchase! You’re going to love it.

I use Silhouette Studio, and did upgrade to Business edition, but that certainly isn’t necessary.

When time allows I hope to learn Fusion 360.

Inkscape is not so daunting if you watch some youtube videos. I recommend

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HOLY SMOKES, what a pile of tutorials! thanks for that. :slight_smile:

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Invest in an external fan!! I run a Vivosun 6" with a 4" to 6" adapter. Many people buy the 4" but I HIGLHY RECOMMEND the 6" to make your GF investment a more peaceful endeavor. Order now… Just search the forum for the happiness that it brings owners. Do not procrastinate. :slight_smile:


your reply was to me by accident. but I figure the OP will see it…

Actually I hadn’t thought about using an external fan. but it just occurred to me that with my pro i will have to move it to the middle of the room if I’m making something long. So I will likely need to invest in one. first I have to make the material supports for both sides of the cabinet.

OMG, I wish I had someone tell me this when I first joined. It’s an outrageous improvement.


Sleep now while you still can😊