I can't get started with my new unit cuz it won't go online! so frustrated!

I haven’t even gotten to try out my new glowforge yet cuz I can’t get it to go online!! I rebooted the wifi & everything like they said to do, it didn’t work! I’M GETTING SO FRUSTRATED.

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And it sure doesn’t help that support is only available during weekdays!

I’m confused - you said in your other post that you’re successfully set up?


I thought I was. I finally got to the point where my dashboard opened properly, but now I can’t get it to connect to wifi. Tried to post this right after you posted, the system said I had to WAIT 2 HOURS.

Try temporarily disabling your virus blocker.

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So when you click on your GF’s name in the upper right it says offline in the fly-out?

Ok this happened to me. When I got my replacement I gave it a different name then the old one so it wouldn’t connect to the new one. Could this be the case?

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No, this is my first glowforge.

I am not sure if you have tried this, it happened to me once it was because my computer was to far away from the Glowforge when i moved it closer it worked great.

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There’s a great video somewhere in the forum…seems like it was @rpegg that made it…showing how to get connected. I can’t find it…

Can anyone remember what it was?

Do you mean this one?


Don’t know where it is on the forum but here is the original YouTube link.


Thanks…but I think it’s the YouTube video that @rpegg just posted.


Appreciate the video, that makes it more clear. However, the problem seems to be when I click on connecting to the glowforge network, it says it’s connected, but it also says “no internet, open.” It’s gotta be connected, cuz it gives me the option to “disconnect.” Then tried to connect to my network, it doesn’t do anything. UGH!

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Just tried it also with my laptop right next to the glowforge. SAME PROBLEM. Can’t connect to glowforge wifi, it says “no internet, open”. SO FRUSTRATED.

I’m so sorry you’re going through this…I would be going nuts, too. Can’t stand stuff like that. Someone ‘official’ from support should be along soon with some ideas to help you out. Hang in there.

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OMG!!! I finally got it to connect, but the damn green button goes off before I can print it!!! I’m about to lose it over here!

I DID IT!!! PRAISE GOD!! After DAYS of frustration, I finally cut out something. The video helped a LOT. I had to move my wifi closer to the glowforge (could only move it about 3 feet due to the length of cords I have), and turn off the firewall.


This is completely normal and expected. It’s just a temporary connection to the Glowforge so that you can tell the Glowforge how to connect to your primary wifi network. When you’re connected, in setup, directly to the Glowforge, you’re on an open network with no internet. That’s all that it’s telling you.


Hooray! So happy you got it. Have a great time, now!