I haven't received a 6 week delivery email yet


I ordered a Glowforge “Pro” on 23 October 2015 and I didn’t receive a shipping email on 19 September 2017. Is there another delay with my shipment?


They’re only on day 1 pro shipments.


I think that’s the point. Six weeks until the end of October and six weeks shipping lead time.


That was yesterday. Since today all of our emails are late.


Once again guys, not that I don’t think another delay is possible, but reading that 6 weeks delivery window as a hard and fast rule doesn’t make sense. Most aren’t waiting anywhere near that long from email to delivery. Of course, now that i’ve said it out loud, watch me be one who does :confused:.


Actually some people are currently waiting four weeks for dispatch so by the time they are delivered they will be close to six weeks. Times went down but now they have gone back up again and very few new emails are going out.


I know it’s a possibility, I’m just saying that we can’t read the 6 weeks as a given and jump to the assumption that everything from this point on is late. It very well may be, but it also may not. Only time will tell. And I agree, at least anecdotally, it seems like both emails and shipments have slowed down again.


They never promised to have them all delivered by Oct. 30th even though that is their aspiration.


I was trying not to jinx us!! :scream: lol

The materials have come in, but nothing further has arrived with the official Glowforge delivery… Obsessively checking my inbox every three seconds isn’t helping the time fly by either :wink:


I placed my Basic order on October 9, and haven’t received any email either.
As far as I know that blue announcement at the top of the forum has like two weeks saying that they are shipping up to day 9 ( October 2nd?).
Has anyone received the email near my date?


Day 10 is the latest seen here.


I’m right there with you. Also keep pulling up UPS my choice to see if any deliveries are scheduled for my address, just in case the shipping email got lost some where along the way. I have the desk, the proofgrade, the inventables order, now all I need is a Glowforge :crazy_face:


It’s incurable


Unfortunately that means that unless they correct the six weeks in the acceptance email they can deliver it AFTER the 31st. They more than likely will not change that window. Now if they are actually on track for the 31st then they could just send out a mass email to everyone. I agree that most deliveries are not taking 6 weeks, so getting worried now is probably not worthwhile, if we have not received it say after the first week of October I may get a little more ancy. Besides, not getting it in September is just another $20, the last delay total is up to $140 now, if it makes it past Sept, $160. That is on top of the initial Proofgrade package, the Inventables GC, the free video designs and the discounts on the GF store.


I will watch for your updates … I ordered the Pro that same day. I have not received a shipping email yet either. I hope we get it soon! … I’m jealous of everyones projects! lol



I ordered my basic on 22, Oct, 2015 and at this point I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop and they’ll change it to December, or March, or some other ungodly distant date! I could have left the money in the bank earning interest, when does it get to a point that no amount of perks will be worth the interminable waiting?


Kind of off topic here, I ordered my GF on Oct. 7…I am not sure what day I fall on. For some reason I decided to start reading a lot of these posts and am getting a little discouraged. I used a credit card to buy this contraption, I am happy that the first delay I moved the balance over to a 0% interest, so decided to stick it out. I for sure am one that does not like to wait like the rest of us. And, Like the rest of you I check my email waiting for a certain one. I am getting bummed every time I do see a GF email it is from message boards rubbing it in on how they are making products with theirs. Truthfully, it would be nice to log in here and see my place in line, estimated out the door shipping day.


There’s two cures actually:

A glowforge
More cowbell.


No. I asked very directly. I got a very direct answer from @dan who said “Delivery” by the end of Oct meant in our hot lazery hands, with the possible exception of international orders.


That happened here: Discussion of the August 2017 update

Though, I think you could still say that the schedule says “shipped” by Oct, but the goal is to have them in hands. If they don’t make the goal, they may not update the schedule, but you may want Dan to mention somewhere that they didn’t make the goal, though it’ll be pretty obvious anyway.