I ordered some materials from the GF shop about 2 weeks ago, but I have not received any shipping confirmation or tracking info

I ordered some materials for our new GF Pro on April 20. It is now May 1, and I have not received any emails about shipping or tracking. I have the order confirmation emails, but I’m pretty sure my order should have shipped by now. The Purchase History page is very sparse and says nothing about the status of my order.

Where are my materials? Is this how long it normally takes? If so, how do I get a refund?


US shipment? Welcome to the forum. They sometimes just show up. Tracking and confirmation emails usually are sent though, at least my last order did. Not in spam? They are shipped generally from a fulfillment center in Tennessee.


Thanks very much for the quick reply. You were right, and it the tracking email was in my spam folder. Should be here tomorrow, but it’s still a surprisingly long time for shipping. I will definitely look for a local source for materials instead.

Thanks again.

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Wow. 8 business days is a “surprisingly long time” to you? Every place I’ve ordered from has been about 5-7 business days. Where do you normally order your materials from?

It’s about 10 days from order to receipt for me & I’m on the east coast so it doesn’t have to spend a week trekking the country in a brown truck.

I ordered 45 sheets of Baltic Birch ply from Amazon Sunday evening and it showed up yesterday (“2” day Prime). They set the bar for expectations and it’s why I get Amazon boxes nearly every day.

Inventables on the other hand usually starts at 2 weeks and extends up to a month because they generally don’t have everything I order in stock so it takes multiple shipments.

Fair enough. Maybe the change of months made it seem longer. I’m also spoiled by Amazon Prime. Either case, I’d still prefer to buy it locally and avoid waiting for shipping.

LOL. I hear ya!

Sure! Problem is, you might not be able to find some similar materials locally. Acrylic’s acrylic for the most part. But some of the Proofgrade woods are just incredible to work with and you might not be able to find something that great. But here’s hoping! :slight_smile:

I get my hardwoods from green valley in about half that. I haven’t been paying strict attention but I’d say 4 business days is about right.

I just checked one order history and I paid on Jan 10, it arrived on Jan 12 (2 biz days) Another was Jan 3 - Jan 9. (4 biz days)


the only issue i have with going elsewhere isn’t necessarily just shipping timeframe, but also knowing i may have to both finish and mask other products. i wish i could find something like PG ply with a finish, even. masking isn’t a big deal, but putting a finish on it takes more time.


Ditto this! I’ve been trying to use up the unfinished stuff I mistakenly bought so I can get some more storage space for PG stuff.

Oh we really get spoiled quickly! :smile:


i’m not afraid of finishing things, necessarily. and i’ll keep ordering them because they’re different woods than PG. the problem is that sometimes i need the quick and dirty and PG is perfect for that. prefinished, premasked, less hassle.


I did some finishing work on some of the first items I made on the PRU…quadrupled the time required, and that was including design time.

Maybe I’m just into instant gratification now. :wink:
(Definitely spoiled!)

oh, i hear ya.

if they had wenge, cedar, purpleheart, etc… :slight_smile:

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I’ve got a small stash of those too…still trying to decide what to do with them. (Talk about expensive!)

i’m about to start boxmaking with some of the hardwoods i’ve built up. hoping to combine multiple woods in individual boxes.


Just received my order yesterday. It took 10 days. I really think they should re-word the email they send to confirm the initial order…as it says it ‘won’t be long’ or something of that nature…and that orders usually go out the door in 2-3 days. (don’t have my email here, so I’m paraphrasing). To me it’s a bit misleading. If that’s the case, then the trip from Tennessee to Oregon is a long and slow one. Seems like I used to get my orders within a weeks time. Though, as long as I know to expect 10 days or so, I can take that into account.

  • It shouldn’t take long - most orders leave the building in two days or less

I ordered from Inventables around noon today and my order will arrive tomorrow… I would consider a day or two for shipping normal…

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When Glowforge gets bigger they’ll probably be able to speed up shipping. Generally the bigger the company the better the shipping deal they can get. (Also the better the warehouse operations they’ll be able to afford.)

From the invoice it looks like Glowforge uses Moduslink for the packaging and shipping of Proofgrade materials. Moduslink is a massive company that is focused on logistics type operations. Moduslink probably takes care of the warehousing, repackaging and shipping of Proofgrade materials. Glowforge may have some input on how things are packaged through their contract but it’s kind of like them telling UPS to ship something upright. More of a suggestion unless the contract is changed.

As far as Proofgrade quality goes, I’m thinking it’s a third party manufacturer that makes material to Glowforge’s specification. Not likely a Glowforge run company.

Glowforge is a tiny company. Our family Thanksgiving dinner has had more people than Glowforge employs.


Any combinations that are your favorite?
I recently won a large joiner’s mallet in a giveaway. It has a black walnut handle and the head is layered with black walnut and yellow heart. Then, it has brass wedges in the top. It is a really striking combo.