Image distortion

Was doing some test runs on my iPhone, and I got some really disturbing image distortions. The larger image of the guy on the right with his tongue stuck to the pole is pretty much what I expected to see. The two images lower down on the left are badly distorted. Any idea why this might be happening?

The only difference in settings was I had increased the resolutions to see if that mattered. The one on the lower left was also resized, as I had expanded the image to look at it to see if anything had changed… it hadn’t.


Looks very much like the process settings were changed, are you sure they didn’t get reset after you uploaded your higher res art?

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Dunno, did you use masking? That’s right at the edge of a pretty significant reflective change. (And I have no idea if that would impact it or not.)

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some of the iphones are pretty light any chance it was lifted even slightly by the air assist?

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I had been wondering about movement too. Between air assist and vibration.

I did not have any masking. Zero chance the wind moved it. I watched it the whole time. As far as process settings, yes, I was changing them, but that should have nothing to do with the distortion.

Where was the object on the bed?

The phone was centered on the bed.

Is it curved or flat?
Did you hear anything odd at the time?
Did you set/confirm the material thickness on each run?
Have you done anything since?

That model iPhone is perfectly flat. I didn’t hear anything odd. I’m pretty sure it had the material thickness. Not 100% sure on that though. I’ve successfully printed the same graphic on piece of wood.

Thanks for those answers.

Honestly, I don’t think Support’s going to come back with any answer. I mean, it happened once and so far has been unable to be repeated. It’s not much to go on, ya know? My advice? Keep on truckin’. If anything similar happens, we’ve got an issue on our hands, I’d say.

That is an interesting print – thanks for the details and the picture. Would you try printing your design on Proofgrade material with default settings and taking a picture of your results? That could help us better understand the issue.

The smaller print is proofgrade maple default settings. The larger is a piece of bamboo I printed on a few hours earlier. I see in the pic I still have a lot of glue residue from the masking on the bamboo.

Did you accidentally rotate it a tad when you resized it? I recall someone noted that certain images when rotated skewed the results of the engrave.

No. Plus if you look at it, you can see that the image is shifted mid print. It’s not a rotation error.

This looks pretty similar to other distortion issues that have cropped up here before, so it may not be an unrepeated one-off:


Indeed. Interesting.

Thank you for the additional prints. I’m glad they came out well, but wish I knew more about what happened with your phone. Would you please let us know if you see something like this in the future?