Interface changes images size when turning

I wanted to fit multiples of one design on a sheet of acrylic. I was trying to nest as best I could I noticed when I rotated the design it changes the size even when locked? I didn’t realize it until I wasted the whole sheet some of the pieces came out warped.

Why when the ratio is locked is it changing the size of the image when rotated??

Ratio locks the width and height relationship, it doesn’t lock size unfortunately.

I noticed along time ago, that at least on mine the size of the file was smaller by .010 in when loaded into the UI. So I have started to make sure the file I design is .010 larger that way the file printed is the size need.

What program are you designing in? I use inkscape and never had that problem.

That’s odd. I have never noticed that.

I made a Snowflake design. I needed to make 20 so I duplicate and try to rotate the duplicate to save on acrylic space and the size changed … ratio H&W is locked. I now can’t nest these designs wasting so much material? There has got to be something im missing.

it’s the glowforge interface that is changing the size of the duplicate when I rotate it…ratio is locked

Hmmm, I have never seen that except when I grabbed the thing the wrong way.

yeah thats if the H&W not locked… that is exactly whats happening to my duplicate when rotated even when locked. the duplicate came out warped

Isn’t it possible to create all your files in whatever software you’re using and then upload them to the GUI without having to do anything else except positioning on the bed?

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right thats what I would think I’m uploading an svg all I want to do is control the size of that image on the interface which I can do.
You know what I think you just helped me. Made me think…What I do is copy paste the original file in the interface and try to rotate that duplicate and thats when it gets warped. Maybe I need to upload as many of my original svg to put in the interface and not duplicate if this makes sense. If this is true its very annoying.

If you can fit say 12 pieces to a sheet, then I would arrange them in my graphic software so they all fit and then upload them as a single file to the GUI. I am learning Inkscape and one of the first tutorials was to create a template the size of what the GF can cut so whatever you design will fit in that space.

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I believe what you are describing is discussed in this thread and has to do with the bounding box created in the interface.: Placing rotated rastered art near an edge

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I have that gf bed template in Inkscape thats what I’m gonna do. Great idea by the way I forgot about that template.

no that is not what I describe is happening but that discussion was interesting to know. thanks for that link

Even with ratio locked you can still accidentally resize an item when rotating it. Happens to me all the time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You have to stay away from the dots and pick above the rotate thingy that way it will only rotate and not change size.

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Hello @vegandarwin,

I’m sorry you’ve run into some trouble trying to rotate your snowflake design. In order to help troubleshoot the issue you’re having, could you please post a couple of photos showing the design getting warped after rotation?

Also, could you please list for me the exact steps you doing when trying to rotate the design? I’d like to try and recreate your results on my end.

Have you noticed this issue with any other design?

Once I have those photos and information I’ll review and let you know what I find. Thank you!

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thanks when next time I cut i will do that thanks

Thank you for updating us! I’ll make sure we keep this thread open for the time being, and wait until we’ve heard back.

Let us know how it goes :slight_smile: