Inventables 2 Color Acrylic Settings

Has anyone had success with the 1/8th inch thick 2 color acrylic from inventables?

I can’t get it to cut small pieces correctly. It seems to melt very easily and distort. The engraving also develops artifacts. My best settings have been:

Cut: 155 speed, 100 power, 2 passes
Engrave: 1000 speed, 20 power, 2 passes

They work great at making a keychain size pendant, but still causes a lot of melt on earring sizes. The same design cuts beautifully with proofgrade materials and settings.

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1/8 is terrible thick for jewelry. Not even sure you can get it onto the tiny earring hooks. I use the slimmer stuff.

Got good numbers for the 0.060 to 0.080 (basically the 1/16th stuff) and they work with the two color as well as single. I just shift the thickness so probably a little fudge allowed in these numbers.
eng - 1000/100 195 @0.060 thick
score - 300/40 @0.060 (If lite score wanted - drop the 40 down)
and cut - 170/full @0.060 thick.

For the thicker stuff I used for designs other than jewelry, I just gave it the PG Clear Acrylic values and cut it loose.

EDIT- values have changed since this post was made. (see post below)
engrave 1000/60 @195 (for 0.060 thick) - this leaves glue and spotty misses if acrylic is masked- so still 80-100 if masked.
score 300/15
cut 225/full (can use 100 instead of full but some colors will not cut good then so I just use ‘full’ all the time)


Did you try just using the proofgrade acrylic default setting?

Yes I have. It is softer acrylic and melts significantly with proofgrade settings.

Sure it is not extruded plastic? You want cast acrylic for laser work. (do they sell the two color in extruded? Dunno…)

I tried some extruded just for the giggle, and yeah it pretty much melted instead of cut.
Weirdly, I also had some extremely thin (0.03) extruded from hobby lobby and it cut fine. I think because it cuts so quickly (being thin) that it does not focus long enough to slag it like the thicker stuff.

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Those settings are going to come in very handy, I picked up a few of the two-color thin stuff to test! :rabbit2::no_smoking:


Quick question - do you mask the non proofgrade ones? Or just engrave/cut directly? I was considering getting some of the 2 color ones!

I don’t use much acrylic, but I read the forum a lot. The general consensus is remove the plastic film from non-proofgrade acrylic - it just makes a mess. As far as re-masking goes, generally no. Acrylic isn’t as prone as wood to picking up smoke stains and if it does it is easier to clean.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Yes and no.

The plastic masking comes off all the materials. I use paper masking on leather, wood and plastics.

As a rule I try to engrave/score/cut vector designs without masking on the two color. Only once have I got discoloration//char from doing it this way. It was a marble looking two color and for some reason it wanted to flare and flame (suspect something in the materials to make it look like marble).

If there is a raster element, they tend to sweep over the entire design and this can discolor some metallic looking two color. The masking allows for a light sweep of the laser on the near white areas without taking the shine off.

I glanced at the parameters I listed above. They have been fine tuned somewhat. I have been using a lot of acrylic lately and played with the settings (from poor cuts) until I locked into these below, which are used no matter what color combo I have in the machine.

engrave 1000/60 @195 (for 0.060 thick) - this leaves glue and spotty misses if acrylic is masked- so still 80-100 if masked.
score 300/15
cut 225/full (can use 100 instead of full but some colors will not cut good then so I just use ‘full’ all the time)


Thank you so much for that! Do you think the engrave settings would change much for 1/8"?

Off the cuff - I’d say no.
I would assume that the surface layer is not thicker, just the over all material thickness.

As always, best to design a small test file and experiment. I have found that there is not really a one size fits all with any of the materials, even the ones like you have bought before.
The numbers I exposed are an ‘Minimum’ + ‘Always Works’ compromise. If you wanted to get finicky, they could probably be varied some between material types//colors, but who has time for that? (burn baby burn).


I ordered a bunch of 1/8" 2-color acrylics and this stuff just MELTS! Its terrible. I wish I could get a refund on the unused bits I have because I see no use for these.

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What settings are you using?

Did you remove the plastic covering/masking? That stuff melts terribly.

With acrylic you generally want fast speed (1000) and 30-60 power. Cuts can be tricky, each flavor seems to have its own need. I generally start with 150 or 200 and 80 power. Test until you’re happy.

Finally, try putting a piece of paper behind your piece so that it reduces flashback.


Cast or extruded? It makes a difference.

I’ve removed the covering as I noticed it bubbles and burns. Ive tried all sorts of speeds and power but still getting awful results. Im seeing other owners use the thinner material where I’m trying to use the thicker, so I might just swap the 1/8" for the 1/16" and see what happens.

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Just want to add that I used the engrave and cut settings above and they worked fantastically on 1/16" black on gold from Inventables.


They worked for me too! Thanks @brokendrum

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