iOS app hung on "loading your design"?

Found a few prior notes about this, but none of them appear to contain either a resolution or useful path forward.

…open the iOS app. Get shown the page of designs. Click a recent one, screen changes to black with “loading your design”.

…app then stays in that mode indefinitely.

Meanwhile, walk over to laptop, open, load a design, press print, ~4.5 minutes later it’s done!

…go to check the iOS app, aaaannnd: it’s still “loading your design”. After 20 minutes of that, I gave up. The app has NOT actually crashed – I can go right back to the “home” page (with all the designs) at any point, it’s just that it’ll never actually load any design.

Uh, problems with the app? Not a huge deal, really, just would’ve been handy for these repetitive jobs.

Wifi is a mesh network, so extremely good coverage. Phone is an XR 128GB, iOS 12.1.4 (16D57).

I’m excited you’re using the iOS app! Unfortunately, since it is still in beta, we aren’t yet able to offer support. You can find advice here: The new Glowforge iPhone & iPad app (Beta)

At this time we recommend using a web browser on a desktop or laptop computer if you’re encountering difficulties from a mobile device.