Is Glowforge portable




Just wondering how portable GF will be? With care, will it be possible to transport it to offsite locations?

Many thanks


Just keep the shipping box. Thats what I plan to do with it… Not shipping it though…just driving to locations


I would also pay particular attention to how the gantry and head are positioned when you open it up, and duplicate the packing sequence.
Glowforge will have studied the safest method of packing it for shipping.

55lbs. easy enough to move around, if I remember, it was 70 something with packaging.


Part of it is that the machine is 38 inches by 20, so it is a bit awkward for one person. Shouldn’t be a problem for two people. That said, moving it by motor vehicle will subject it to continuous, low level vibrations and bumps. Anything not designed for that cannot be expected to last as long as if it were put in a shop and left there. I wouldn’t worry about it for a few times a year, but it may cause a problem if you do it regularly. You never know.

The 70 pounds may just be the dimensional minimum weight charged by FedEx and not the combined glowforge and packaging material weight.


There are a couple topics that have touched on this. My own take on portability is how much weight can I handle putting in and out of car ( hopefully I have a few more years of 50lb plus lifting left in me), how it will fit in my car, and getting a feel for the fragility or durability of everything. Since it will be shipped, I assume it will be sturdy enough.


Works best with two people.

Glowforge Spotted in the Wild

“Bring it right in gentlemen, I have been waiting for that!”

Had a dream that @bailey called for my address… jolted me awake!


More illusive than a snow leopard, a Glowforge was spotted in the wild! Thanks @dan. This has some great perspective in it to get an understanding of its size.


Holy $%^&R&!! That picture was taken in Boulder, Colorado–my town!! There’s a Glowforge in Boulder!! (at least there was at one point) Maybe Brad Feld’s?

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I thought that looked familiar!


Woah! I know exactly where this is. Is there a way I could see it in person?


[quote=“Livi, post:11, topic:1775”]
Is there a way I could see it in person?
[/quote]Uh oh @dan.

What did you do! :wink:


Good eyes! We brought it back home with us, though. Brad got to see it but its home is going to be elsewhere. :slight_smile:

Glowforge Spotted in the Wild

Curses! Foiled again!