Is my lid camera misaligned?

I can’t see the top of my bed, but I can see the bottom. Is that the way it’s supposed to be? I mean… If I put material near the top of the honeycomb, I literally cannot see it. However I can see past the honeycomb on the bottom.



Not necessarily, as the honeycomb extends past the printable area. You can ask support to make sure.


I’ll do that. Thanks.


I can’t see the top margin of the honeycomb and never could. Bottom is always visible. Interesting though the honeycomb and tray margin meet at the bottom edge on your image at less that 11" in the left ruler. Mine is at 11.25.

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Is your crumb tray seated right in the four depressions underneath? is the lip sliding to the front sliding into the front door? Looks like it is but can’t tell.

And not sure if this might make a difference. I have never analyzed how the rulers change with the lid camera focus on different materials. Have you manually entered a thickness for this piece? The material is higher than the surface of the honeycomb riding on the tray margin. Do you have that figured in?


Well that makes me feel better. :slight_smile:

I will when my eyes can focus again. It’s 1:30 in the morning now and I’ve been testing various contrasts, etc. for a Father’s Day photo etched onto a wood clipboard my wife found at the craft store. The father in this case is a basketball coach, so he always has a clipboard. This will be from his son. I’ll likely show it when I’m done.

Oh, yes. I take it out and put it back in nearly every day. I burn things into my 3/4" scrap wood as tests. So I just stack 2 of those up and tell it it’s 1/4" Maple. Seems to work well enough. Tray always locks in nicely. I always give it a little shake to make sure before I close the door.


Sure, contact support but in the meantime, put a mark on the four corners of a piece of :proofgrade: , engrave ( as far out as printing is allowed) those marks and then check how close they line up with the marks. This was way off when I got my PRU but now the state of the software is such that they should all be within a 1/32" or so.


I haven’t done exactly that, but I’ve dropped images onto THE EDGE of material, and it lands insanely accurately. In this case I’m not worried about the camera accuracy… I think it’s fantastic. I was just worried about the actual range the cameras taking in. I’d lined the above material to the top of the honeycomb, and then saw that I couldn’t see that metal piece at the top in the GFUI. So I brought it to the bottom edge of the honeycomb instead and that’s the picture above. I thought was weird to be able to see so far below the honeycomb, yet not see the top at all.


This offers some encouragement in the alignment debate.


Mine is like this too.

I haven’t pinged support yet, but now I’m thinking I don’t have to. But I will anyway.

So it seems, although counter-intuitive for me, that we should align materials to the bottom of the honeycomb rather than the seemingly-instinctive top.

Edit: I’ve now pinged support. :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s the case :slight_smile: I use the bottom left to align on the GF and the Redsail but the top left on the K40 (but haven’t done that in months! :slight_smile: )

The bottom left feels right from a materials placement standpoint - maybe because you’re looking right down at it vs the top left being away from you. In design software the top left seems to make more sense maybe because of the whole left to right top to bottom reading thing. (Be interesting if those whose native characters sets have a different reading direction have a different viewpoint on the “natural” placement in the software.)

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Mine is also like this, but with my family visiting from Florida, I haven’t been able to run it but twice, they gave me noise complaint notice.


I think you’re about the 17th person to confirm, so I think I’m probably okay. Or, if I’m not, at least I’m in good company. :wink:

I also asked support a 2nd, related question…
Is there a Glowforge-recommended test I can perform to know the accuracy and alignment are correct?
I’m interested in their response.


Wow. I’ll say… the thing makes some noise when it’s in action. I’d say vacuum cleaner volume. Maybe a little less. I have a thin… accordion style separator (wouldn’t call it a door, it’s only thin vinyl). With that closed, I can hear that it’s running from 2 rooms away, but it’s no real noise nuisance. I wonder if you’re getting some reverberation from whatever support (table?) you’re using? That can even translate into reverberation in the floor. Or maybe your exhaust hose isn’t sealing well?

Edit… Moving this to your other post specific about this…

Head is to the front of the gantry so the best reach is to the bottom of the tray since the camera can’t see under the gantry to the top of the tray. My guess. I have always done bottom.


If your guests are complaining, I have to imagine you’re charging them. Otherwise I’d point out the nice hotel on the other side of town is very quiet.


No. But if you find that your accuracy and alignment don’t meet your needs or expectations, please file a support ticket to let us know.

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Buuuuut… I’m not sure how I’d come to that answer. I mean… I have no reference for this. I’m not an expert in lasers, optics, or Glowforges. Glowforge would need to set my expectation and then I can determine if the machine is meeting it. Right?


I would put a sheet of cardboard as big as the bed in and draw a square in each of the corners plus one in the middle with a fine pen and see if it can engrave over the top accurately.


Let me clarify: If you have a project that fails and you believe it could be because of a shortcoming of your Glowforge, please let us know.