Prerelease Request: Post your Lid Camera Pictures here



With @takitus’s and @henryhbk talking about the lid camera focus issues and how the cameras are placed on the lid, I was wondering if folks could just post a screen grab of a lid camera shot with a piece of Proofgrade in it with the QR code visible in lower right. Since that would be a consistent placement, we might be able to judge what to expect from the lid camera. I have always thought that my bed images were fuzzy, but just assumed that was the nature of the beast. Since I was able to place things fairly accurately, one piece in the center under the camera, I was ok with this.

Is my lid camera misaligned?

It’s interesting that you bring that up …I think I noticed a significantly sharper image and slightly different color change in the pink of the outlines last night. (It’s subjective, so I might just be imagining things. The general lines looked sharper and more red than orange last night…they’re back to pink this morning - but still sharper.)

Or perhaps it was because I cleaned the lid camera lens thoroughly day before yesterday…it had a little grime on it. :grin:

But I did also notice in last night’s cut that the after-image was dead on the money after one of the cuts, and usually it’s so significantly off that it will freak you out if you try to use the after-image as a judge of where your original placement of the cut was. (That after-image used to move…a lot.)

I’ll be paying close attention to the next few cuts to see what happens afterwards. (Might have been a fluke due to the simple nature of what I was cutting, or they might have changed something up a bit.)

Point is… they might be tightening up those settings on their end, and we won’t know it. (They don’t tell us beforehand…suddenly you’ll just notice a subtle improvement.)

It’s not going to show us the same thing now that it will a week from now if they are changing things. And the image from the later issued pre-release machines will probably look a lot different from the early release ones. Also focus settings of the actual camera in the lid might be different, due to different assembly processes between then, and now, and next week. I’m not sure that we can use a screen shot to determine anything yet…our machines are still in a state of constant flux.

With all of those caveats…here’s a screen shot. I’m not sure what you guys are looking for, but maybe this will help. Those cuts were pretty much where I placed them…I like to leave a little lip between the cuts now and at the edges to keep from roasting the next cut over.


I am assuming you got a good night sleep? :wink:


I did! :smiley:

And thank you for reminding me! I need to let @dan know that he’s marketing these things all wrong… :smile:


Here ya go!

I’ve not seen that ghosting thing I see in your screen shot, so I guess it’s something they’ve got a handle on now.

Edit: on closer inspection I think what I’m seeing in your screen shot is just the thickness of the material.


Just took this one…looks pretty darned fuzzy to me!


Here’s mine.


There shouldn’t be a lot of takeaway by the community at large other than that the company is still working on camera/focus QA. This unit’s corner focus is about the same as everyone else’s. But the overhead camera is out of alignment. I would bet money that it didn’t leave the factory that way. H/W misalignment would not have been missed during testing. It might be a future issue once the bed limits are increased but is not impacting what I am able to do now. The QRcode is read every time and the misalignment is for areas that are outside of the current S/W bed limitation. The second pic shows the limiting borders.

Frustrating morning, but solved'ish

I agree here. Reiterating that this is just documenting the state of the art and improvements in this area are on the way. I am definitely reassured that the lid camera I have is functioning as normal. It recognizes bar codes consistently (only one time for one sheet of one material did it hiccup.)


Will take one tomorrow. Hubs is on storm crew and we had high winds yesterday… so he pulled a 24 hr workday, got home at 7 am, and is now crashed out in the room next to the office. Gonna let him get his beauty sleep for now :wink:


Your algorithm needs adjusting. Send a report to Rita. Show her that screen shot.

edit: Report the arcs at the edge of the image, and the blurriness of the image.


@jamesdhatch, yours does too.

edit: Report the arcs at the edge of the image.


Actually, every pic posted so far has roughly the same “blur” to it. No body’s is as crisp as I would have thought it would be.


The blur over the QR code is one thing. I believe @Jules is referring to the crescents in the corners of the bed image on @Xabbess and @jamesdhatch’s images. That’s an issue a few folks have touched on. I never had those artifacts.


Mine shifts quite a bit depending on whether I press the lid all the way down or not. Sometimes itll show more of the right if I dont do that. My lid normally sits a little more askew as I never press it down, but I did for this shot.

I also had to go back and adjust my focus a bit more after seeing how much crisper everyone elses PG stickers were lol



Yeah, Henry had them on his…I think they fixed it.


Something else to remind yourself (before worrying a bit like I caught myself doing) is that the overhead camera is designed for general object placement. The head camera is supposed to allow for finer control, although I have to assume since we haven’t seen any shots from that camera, it’s still work in progress. Otherwise we’d see super-megapixel stitched photos of the entire bed by now.

Or am I completely wrong?


No one in PRU land can confirm or deny this afaik. I havent seen it working in any way yet.


No they’re still there, but they fixed the really. really blurry image (we focused manually)