Is my lid camera misaligned?



oh for pete’s sake, y’all, i honestly couldn’t care less that it doesn’t have a repeatable (0,0) coordinate to use. it won’t affect my lasering at all; i was just thinking of perhaps a compromising solution.


Whoa!! Thanks!!


I believe it might be in this case since they’re already utilizing that approach for homing the head in the first place.


True to a degree, but I think it would be an easier way of determining such a thing, especially if it was glowforge supported and had special abilities attached to such a device. Then it would definitely need something to differentiate from any other piece of L shaped scrap

Not to mention I’d much rather have some clearly readable fiducials than it trying to find edges on a piece that has been hit by the laser over and over again and probably damaged or stained


To me, proper alignment is absolutely promised functionality. Again:
8. Optical Alignment
The dual cameras align the laser head with the frame, with your design,and with your material. Glowforge realigns with every cut and engrave, adjusting timing and position, so every print comes out perfectly.


Indeed - we currently only realign the head when you power cycle the machine (or in certain other unusual situations). As a result, alignment can drift over the course of many prints if the machine isn’t occasionally rebooted. (In fact @Tony just pinged me about this). We are working hard to fix the problem to fulfill that.

Calibration issue
How to pause a set of prints overnight

Good to know. I leave my PRU on for days at a time sometimes - if I’m going to be able to do some design work while I’m not home I can load a design remotely and check the operations were split out correctly and get a sense of the execution time. then when I get home and do the build I don’t restart the machine before I start the job. i think i’ll start power cycling it before I start working on it at night.


Huh! That might be why I never saw the problem on this one - I tend to leave it off until I actually need to run a job.

(Didn’t even know some people were experiencing a problem with it.)


Yeah, after developing the habit of flipping off the lights behind the kids, I don’t leave anything running for extended periods.


My Father: Turn the lights off. What, do you think I have stock in the electric company!
Me: Well, it would probably be a good investment.
Dad: Boy, come over here while I take my belt off. . .

I turned things off every since. Turns out though my mom and dad did have stock in Union Electric (now Ameren). It seems to be paying the bills for mom’s care!


Haha, I love this story!


Hahaha! :sunglasses:
Yep! Different generation. We lived in an apartment complex where all the kids would play out in a courtyard, with a few Moms riding heard. If you transgressed, you were just as likely to get whooped by any of them as your own Mom. Takes a village.


That is excellent!


I love it when I see the rest of my family switching off lights when they leave rooms. It’s something that’ll be passed down generation to generation. LOL


I’m working on automation one bulb start time via philips hue and sensors from my ecobee thermostat. Lights that turn themselves out.


I’m thinking it may be helpful to engrave tick marks on the edge of the material to help align pass through cuts. That and maybe a fence to slide the stock against.


All of the light switches in our house are automated. (ZWave) Along with a few outlets, most of the thermostats, the furnace and the Fridge. We have a recording studio, and the mic will pick up the vibrations from them if we don’t shut them off. We have a scene set to turn them off for 45 minutes, they then turn back on.

We use a Vera Plus Home controller, no monthly fees, and it has an iPhone App with a decent enough interface. It even integrates a few security cameras.

It also has a plug in with the Amazon Echo, so we can do voice commands in the rooms we have Alexa.


I just started a Home automation thread if anyone wants to discuss it there.


I actually recently did this exact thing… First I cut a slot, placed the item, then engraved. The engraving was off to the right by like 5mm. It was really sad!


It sounds like something shifted between your cut and engrave steps. You may not have noticed it (obviously). But if you run the same job over and over again without changing anything, the laser will hit the same spot every time. (Over the course of several hours, it’s possible it could change slightly, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.) So very likely either the tray, or the head, the material, or all of the above shifted by “like 5mm.”

The alternative would be that your laser is firing randomly. Which I don’t think we’ve seen before. In other words, if you ran a job and then did absolutely nothing but run the job again, it should burn the exact same spots… but yours doesn’t do that. Is that the case?!