Is there potential for the glow to be able to cut and engrave glass/woods etc



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Sorry if this is a silly question or if its been asked before, but i’m wondering at some point in the future will the Glowforge get an upgraded head for cutting and etching harder surfaces like glass, thicker woods, ceramic etc.

I believe this is my first post so hello to everyone, iv been reading a lot of posts and am gob smacked at the ideas and projects everyone is doing, keep up the good work.


To quote the immortal @dan …“It’s in the hopper.” (They’ve got a lot of ideas about interchangeable heads.) :relaxed:

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I like goofy, goofy is fun, Iv been reading a lot of posts and seeing some truly amazing work, August needs to hurry up HAHA.


The head doesnt control what it can cut… That would be the power of the laser.
Co2 lasers can not cut glass or most ceramics. Etching, however, can be done on the current models.
As far as wood, depends on the thickness. It should already be able to cut through 1/2" double pass double side I believe…
Is there something specific you are wanting to do??

Please feel free to post more…lots of help can be had to those who speak up. :wink:


Hey Lazersmart, welcome to the fun forum! I believe there is already a small amount of Glowforge-produced items on glass, ceramic, and various woods.

For instance:




Everyone seems to have answered your question. So I have nothing left to say other than…

Feel free to post more and ask questions. If they have been asked and answered before, we’ll point you in the right direction! If not, all the better! :grin:
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Or if it’s a reply from me, really bad and useless ideas.

As one of the resident Canucks, I was lobbying in the early days of the campaign for a maple syrup head. It could use maple sap as coolant, then evaporate down to syrup. But no… The rest of the forums yelled me down and voted for 3d printer heads.

As stated, it is all in the hopper for new heads for new functionality. Absolutely nothing official as to what type of heads right now.

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The “removable” head does lend itself to the possibility of lenses with different focal lengths - which can affect slightly deeper or more intricate lines… :thinking:


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