Key and Wallet Valet tray

I was tired of the basket to throw my keys and wallet in because it just meant I could collect more crap in that location. This is my super quick solution. the draft is the pictures, the file is the slightly larger size. Just print more layers if you want it deeper.



Looks useful, thanks! You could even cut a bit of leather or felt using those rounded rectangles, to line the bottom with.


Thank you for sharing this very functional piece.

ohh, good idea. I was thinking about using flocking material at first but leather could be nice . If only I had a way to cut leather…hmmm. :slight_smile:


Neat! Thank you for sharing.

I purchase the stretch faux suede from Joann’s and adhere it to the wood before cutting, even when making living hinges. Laser seals the edges of it.

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What is the content of the faux suede? I assume you verified it’s safe to lase? I’m excited about this idea!

90% polyester 10% Lycra for the stretch.

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You might find this guy interesting:

and his twin sister:

The headliner makes for a great pad in the box.


Sorry, not Lycra - Spandex ( same thing different brand). BTW, it’s on sale at Joann’s and if you order online with their coupon for store pickup it’s another 25% off.


That says 8 yards, which I get means length. How wide is the cloth? Like when you buy it is it literally x" by 288"?

Aha here we go:

It’s 58" wide. at $14.39/yard that’s $1.06 per square foot. That’s a good deal.

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8 yards is what’s on a bolt. You can order a yard online for pickup or a have them cut smaller piece in the store. It’s 58” wide.

And with the 25% coupon for online order store pickup it takes it down to about $10.79. I have ordered more than one 8 yard bolt this way.

Works out to about $0.80/square foot. That’s definitely cheap compared to leather suede.

And for my use as a lining on needlebooks with living hinges, the stretch and not bong too thick, helps.

BTW, if you have a business and a resale license, you can set up a non tax account with them online. Takes a few days to get set up. I have one account for business one for personal.


Do you have a closeup of the cut edge? Curious if it gets melty or charred or anything.

Slightly melted but clean. This is Jeremy Sawa’s 1/8” BB and I use his normal settings. Check the FB GUG for his postings. It works best for me with no masking on the faux suede. It’s face down on the crumb tray.

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What adhesive do you use to adhere the faux suede to the wood?

Double sided I get from for my paper crafts. Holds exceptionally well. I buy the 6” rolls. I’ve asked them to consider 12” and we’ll see if that ever happens. I buy it when they’re doing a sale so get on their email list.