Key and Wallet Valet tray

Thank you for sharing this very functional piece.

ohh, good idea. I was thinking about using flocking material at first but leather could be nice . If only I had a way to cut leather…hmmm. :slight_smile:


Neat! Thank you for sharing.

I purchase the stretch faux suede from Joann’s and adhere it to the wood before cutting, even when making living hinges. Laser seals the edges of it.

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What is the content of the faux suede? I assume you verified it’s safe to lase? I’m excited about this idea!

90% polyester 10% Lycra for the stretch.

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You might find this guy interesting:

and his twin sister:

The headliner makes for a great pad in the box.


Sorry, not Lycra - Spandex ( same thing different brand). BTW, it’s on sale at Joann’s and if you order online with their coupon for store pickup it’s another 25% off.


That says 8 yards, which I get means length. How wide is the cloth? Like when you buy it is it literally x" by 288"?

Aha here we go:

It’s 58" wide. at $14.39/yard that’s $1.06 per square foot. That’s a good deal.

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8 yards is what’s on a bolt. You can order a yard online for pickup or a have them cut smaller piece in the store. It’s 58” wide.

And with the 25% coupon for online order store pickup it takes it down to about $10.79. I have ordered more than one 8 yard bolt this way.

Works out to about $0.80/square foot. That’s definitely cheap compared to leather suede.

And for my use as a lining on needlebooks with living hinges, the stretch and not bong too thick, helps.

BTW, if you have a business and a resale license, you can set up a non tax account with them online. Takes a few days to get set up. I have one account for business one for personal.


Do you have a closeup of the cut edge? Curious if it gets melty or charred or anything.

Slightly melted but clean. This is Jeremy Sawa’s 1/8” BB and I use his normal settings. Check the FB GUG for his postings. It works best for me with no masking on the faux suede. It’s face down on the crumb tray.

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What adhesive do you use to adhere the faux suede to the wood?

Double sided I get from for my paper crafts. Holds exceptionally well. I buy the 6” rolls. I’ve asked them to consider 12” and we’ll see if that ever happens. I buy it when they’re doing a sale so get on their email list.

2 Likes is doing their Black Friday sale so it’s a good time to get the adhesive if you’re inclined to do so.


I already have a package of their 12 x 12! Thank you so much for the info!!