Laser cut loom



I’m sure there are a couple weavers here in the group. I came across this but there was little information about, only a couple hashtags, fabloom and fablab

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending February 4, 2017

This looks like a job for a GF.


That is neat. It is like weaving for beginners, or those with tiny hands.


Making new tools is one of the most satisfying uses of an existing tool. :slight_smile:


probably could make some interesting cards for card weaving too.


Funny, but I say that about almost everything I see or think of these days. :slight_smile:




Epic. Saw YT video of a guy in Australia that shows primitive skills, he built a loom by hand in the forest. Loved it.


I make laser cut looms! But they’re a little different than those. I’ve been playing with different sizes but they’re really fun to make


How fun! Would love to see a video or step-by-step from you!


Ooh, cool. Would it be crazy to think about building a laser-cut full-up loom, with the shuttle and movable bits and all?


with the pass through, glue, clamps, and patience… sure, why not?


Very cool!!! I can remember my mom weaving on a large loom my dad has made her. Can’t wait to make a couple with the forge! Will probably be a variation of yours, I like the way they look.


I plan on making some reeds for my rigid heddle looms when I get my gf. That’s actually the one thing I’m having a hard time waiting for! And they will probably be my first project, or close to it. :smile: