Laser cut loom

I’m sure there are a couple weavers here in the group. I came across this but there was little information about, only a couple hashtags, fabloom and fablab


This looks like a job for a GF.


That is neat. It is like weaving for beginners, or those with tiny hands.


Making new tools is one of the most satisfying uses of an existing tool. :slight_smile:


probably could make some interesting cards for card weaving too.


Funny, but I say that about almost everything I see or think of these days. :slight_smile:




Epic. Saw YT video of a guy in Australia that shows primitive skills, he built a loom by hand in the forest. Loved it.


I make laser cut looms! But they’re a little different than those. I’ve been playing with different sizes but they’re really fun to make


How fun! Would love to see a video or step-by-step from you!


Ooh, cool. Would it be crazy to think about building a laser-cut full-up loom, with the shuttle and movable bits and all?


with the pass through, glue, clamps, and patience… sure, why not?


Very cool!!! I can remember my mom weaving on a large loom my dad has made her. Can’t wait to make a couple with the forge! Will probably be a variation of yours, I like the way they look.

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I plan on making some reeds for my rigid heddle looms when I get my gf. That’s actually the one thing I’m having a hard time waiting for! And they will probably be my first project, or close to it. :smile:


As part of learning thought I’d make this loom, so we’d get something readily usable (well, after we/kids learn how to do that)
Quite sure I got the link here (sorry - can’t remember whom)
Mini loom

I didn’t really learn much - the svg file printed great right off.

Google Photos

Google Photos

I couldn’t get the EPS files to work correctly though. Would greatly appreciate the help on that. Posting this link here so it is useful for loom makers, but if response below belongs elsewhere, please move, thanks!
The EPS file also has a longer base to it would be 18x8 rather than 8x8
(should cross reference - these threads that helped me try to convert the bitmap to vector:

I do have photoshop and so when I selected the lines (had to make a blank white layer below to see the lines) and transferred to inkscape it gave me some lines but the GFUI saw it as bitmap. So then I tried to trace bitmap but that just gave me very thick lines/paths and other stuff inside (perhaps I’m not fiddling with the settings right? I tried a lot)

Should I just be using Illustrator to open the EPS files? (if that is easier for at least initial conversion to svg, I could do that asking someone and then work on the svg on inkscape as I need)



Yeah, an EPS file is already a vector format file. Opening it in Illustrator or Inkscape will make for quick conversion to SVG.

Here’s the one for the 8 x 8 loom, if you want to recreate the larger one, it might need some work…this file is optimized with single lines performing double cut duty. (If you split it up, you’ll probably need to add some lines to close cuts.) (2.8 KB)


Thank you @Jules! I take it you used AI for this. I searched a bit and seems EPS to inkscape would requires some tweaking in windows

I did want to do the larger 18x8 but will try and do that myself :slight_smile:
Single lines doing double duty work ok to get the pieces though FWIW 2x manual cut is better on PG - so that the assembly goes in well (with single cut it’s good but too tight to put/click together)

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Oh yeah, I did use AI. (Didn’t realize Inkscape couldn’t open them.)

My version won’t open the 18 inch one.

it opens fine in the current version.

here are SVG and PDF in a zip file.

18x8 inch loom (86.6 KB)