Lens Tool - Shipping Damage

Any suggestions for getting a replacement lens tool shipped in packaging that will keep it from being damaged. Ordered a lens tool on 7/5… it arrived in a padded envelope with the magnet in 10 pieces. Contacted support and they shipped me a new one and assured me it would be packed better…. Arrived with the magnet in 10 pieces more or less. Contacted support and they are sending a replacement with the Sam assurances… will it arrive intact? Based on other posts in this forum my hopes are not high.


I have not had that issue, but those who have recommended this…


@timjedwards made this:


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I know this is a frustrating situation, but you don’t really need the lens tool. Glowforge support does not monitor this forum, so your problem is only being relayed to other Glowforge owners. We have no way of improving the packaging of Glowforge supplies or the treatment that packages receive for UPS USPS or Fed Ex.


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