Loose hinge not letting lid sit flush

There is something wrong with the hinge on the right side of my unit. it keeps the glass from sitting level on that side. luckily it is still working and not saying the lid is open ,but I fear it will get to that point. Also the lid rubs on the right side of the unit when it closes.
Please advise on what my next steps are to resolve this issue. I attached pictures of the issue.

Thank you

The GF is very sensitive to being Level. Is it sitting Level on a Level table?

Did that just start? Or has it always been loose?

BTW, most of them are not completely level. If the glass is pulled out of the housing though, that’s a problem.


There is some flex in the case on both sides. I had the same issue on the left side. I leveled the table my GF sits on first then i replaced the GF and leveled it with shims from the left overs PG material i had. Not perfect It’s still of about 1/32 on one side but the door has no gaps and doesn’t rub…

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OK, so I checked and it is level. I played with a few different configurations of shims under the different feet and they all only made it worse. I feel like the glass itself is flexing and that it might shatter.
I added 2 more pictures to the op that show where the gap is at the point where the glass is attached to the hinge and what it looks like in the back. The pictures doesn’t show it well but you should be able to see how there is not a gap on the left side. The picture of the back shows how that trip piece is twisted and flexed because the lid doesn’t go all the way down.

Do any of these topics match what you’re seeing?

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Actually looks like your lid is detaching from the hinge but only you can see for sure. BTW: a perfectly flat table is far more important than level. Level is good but if not flat the case will flex. Many of us shim the foot runners to adjust the lid.

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yes exactly. I know i know I suck at searching lol

now just waiting to hear back from them.

If that is a detached hinge at the rear, that’s going to be a replacement. Support will square you away.

yeah, after looking at the above posted threads Im pretty sure it is. I’m just hoping that they send one to me first b4 i send it back so there is no down time.

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My bet is they will.
When I had a pre-release unit I was afraid they would call it back before I had mine. I got my delivery, and it was a bit more than a week before I got the email with shipping instructions and labels to return theirs.

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Unfortunately, it looks like your unit is experiencing an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. I want you to have a reliable unit, so I’m recommending we replace this one. I’ll be in touch via email to sort out the details. I’m so sorry about the bad news.