Thank you for the file! Can’t wait for some free time to give it a go!


must be missing something - I see the “file” but I’m unable to download it?..

Right click and choose Save Image As…SVG.

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thanks - had just figured it out :slight_smile: 1st time here ha! :slight_smile:

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Do you make these patterns or is there a place available to purchase them?

Someone makes them all (not the same someone). As the Area is called “Free Laser Designs” there is nobody charging for these. I you look for the picture that is somewhat odd (not a photo) and right click on it you will find you can download it as an svg.


I should clarify, I’m only on my first cup of coffee lol

What I meant was the actual design of the mandala. I’ve seen many different ones, but I was curious if that was something you designed yourself or there was some variety of stock option so it can be applied to different projects.

Presumably by putting the design in Free Laser Designs the Poster is saying that the design is open-source and available to copy and apply to different projects no matter if it was their design. This is not foolproof but if you google the image the source will be revealed if they did not design it themselves and you can check. In any case the ownership of a design is a very deep can of worms and if you want to claim the design as your own then it does not matter where you got it, you still are working on someones original effort even if they died a thousand years ago.

Like I say a can of worms that if you want to avoid, then do everything yourself without even referencing an idea you have seen. It all depends on how anal you want to be about it.

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@dennis: This started as one of many random bit mapped mandala patterns on the 'Net—with modification by me to increase the complexity. :sunglasses:

That’s the reason for my curiosity. I certainly don’t want to go down that road. If I do end up using someone else’s art, I want to make sure it’s properly applied and licensed. I have no interest in opening a can of worms.

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I’m clearly having a stupid moment - in many of these posts I see a faint (sometimes small, sometimes larger) outline I presume is the SVG file rendered, but NOT DOWNLOADABLE. This is a good example. I’m on Chrome but also tried Safari and Firefox. Am I somehow blocking a proper dl (I can get SVGs from elsewhere ok,) or are people uploading these files incorrectly?

Right click and “save as.” It will download to your computer as an SVG. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for sharing this design. I love mandalas, and this one is so lovely. It also is the very first item I printed with my Glowforge, so that makes it even more special (to me, anyway). Thank you again for being kind enough to share it.


Welcome to our corner of the internet and please share pictures as you are willing :smiley:

Thank you for the welcome! I am still learning how to really utilize this machine and that makes me so glad this forum exists. For example, here is my very first print:

And I was so excited! And thought it was so pretty! But, wait - it isn’t exactly right… Wonder why that happened? Mine didn’t look like all of the other mandalas shared in this thread. And there were a couple of minor flaws. So I pulled it into Illustrator to see if somehow my copy of the file reflected what was printed. It didn’t, so I tried again.

And I got this:


So much better! I am super excited and thrilled with the level of detail that can be achieved with the Glowforge.

I think I must have somehow goofed up the first one in the print app? And it obviously engraved, rather than cut. Just a bit of a learning curve that I need to work through, lol.

Anyway, I am very appreciative to everyone who contributes here. I am learning a lot from the forums and hope that one day, I can be just as helpful to the community.

Have a great day!


You can engrave as well as cut in any closed vector just setting one or the other in the GFUI. the machine can see the vectors but you must decide to cut or engrave closed vectors.

For myself I really like the engrave! :heart_eyes:

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Yes, it is really awesome. I have a wood burning tool that I am going to use to add the 4 missing dots and clean up the one skewed arch. I was thinking it would make a really nice coaster - assuming one really can train the people who share your space to actually use them :wink:


I presume by your choice of name that you would be really good at that job.

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If you like that pattern, check out these posts for 2 more free designs based on this mandala:



Time will tell, I suppose :wink: